Ps4 pro impossible to play

Game mode: Pvp officiel serveur
Problem: bug, fondation invisible, pnj invisible
Seulement sur la ps4 pro

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

An SSD external driver will solve a lot of these issues.

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But why?
I would never use an external SSD, because you lose a lot of speed.

USB 2.0: maximum 240 kbit/s
SSD (sATA): up to 6 Mbit/s

So, the reason why Conan runs better on SSD must be somewhere else.

That has not been my experience. The game runs smoother and faster from the SSD than it ever did before. I also upgraded the internal drive after a few weeks, and that increased the loading speed for the game, and map room and dungeon travel.

I use an internal SSD with my PS4 pro, game plays fine.

I didn’t write, that I don’t believe you. Sorry for missunderstanding.
I’m just wondering, why you get your improvement, although it is not due to the speed.

Maybe that’s a very important approach for Funcom.

I believe they are looking into it. Not sure what can be done from there end. PS4 and Pro both suffer in the hard drive area with have a drive that only spins at 5400 rpm. An SSD even at 2.0 usb is going to be faster through I recommend getting a 3.0 usb. Here’s a video comparison so you can see the difference.

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