I have 256 gb laptop ... Is it possible to download conan exiles and move it to a external ssd storage and play the game?

i have 256 gb laptop … Is it possible to download conan exiles and move it to a external ssd storage and play the game? help me out here nerds

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Hi Welcome in dude… Sure, that’s totally possible. I have no ide what a “256 gb laptop” is though. I guess you mean 256 gb RAM or SSD?

If that’s RAM your laptop is sporting a kickass CPU and it’s for sure NP!!! If that’s SSD size still likely doable. Typical Windows installation is what, about 60GB by the time you trick it out a little? So plenty of space for ALL of the Conan files - server and all. What are the other specs? CPU/APU, RAM, GPU? Conan doesn’t need too much horsepower to run.

If you’re gonna game long hours most laptops will want some kind of extra cooling though. Either one of those sidecar air-injectors or one of the better pad-models with the fans build into a platform that the laptop sits on.

why not?


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What CPU?

ryzen 5

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Cool, so just make sure you have enough space, log on to Steam with the laptop and install Conan.

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so if i bring conan exile from other laptop harddisk… and then download the updates and then transfer the file to another external SSD. Does that work? And if there is another update how does that work with my external SSD?

Yes, but that’s a lot more work for you than just installing it fresh. With a fresh install you will still keep all of your on-line buildings and such.

Steam will know where your Conan install is, Steam will install any updates there. If/When you add that second drive from the old laptop you will need to point Steam to that installation. From then it will treat that location as if it were installed there originally.

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I recently did that, had to google it, it is possible: https://www.howtogeek.com/269515/how-to-move-a-steam-game-to-another-drive-without-re-downloading-it/


Yeah, this is what seems like the most likely cause for poor performance. External SSDs with USB connection aren’t really optimized for running massive software such as Conan Exiles.


I’ve done that a lot. It’s not typically a problem. Longer load times by a little bit is all. And if it’s USB3 or higher then not even that. Now, with USB1.x that can be a problem. With USB 2.x as mentioned, just a tad slower than an HDD.

I use those drive docks a lot!!! I have several (and several versions) connected so I get to see this sort of thing and compare. I’m a total storage nut… you should see my shelf of bare drives :grin: LOL.

He does though, well, APU, but… “Ryzen 5” he said. I have played Conan on a 3400G and it wasn’t too terrible. 720p @ 60FPS with medium settings or 1080p @ 30fps on low settings was playable.

It is absolutely possible and understandable since the game is over 100GB. If I were in this situation then I would hook up my external SSD to the laptop and then download the game directly to that external SSD. no need to download it to your main drive and then move it.

The only drawback that you may see for having it installed on an external drive are increased load times, meaning it may take a little longer to start the game or enter parts of the world such as dungeon instances, but once it is loaded into RAM then it should function the same as it would otherwise.

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Assuming your setup can take it, @rolee9309 posted a pretty good link, which contains news to me - that Steam updated their Library process. This should be easy to accomplish.

The issue most in my mind is like @drachenfeles and @Kapoteeni say, your USB setup. One potential problem is the speed of your USB device itself, and the other is the ways AND the speed the USB device will communicate with your system.

Your Ryzen 5 CPU is fine enough to handle the task, but frankly we’d need to know the model of your PC to very easily answer your questions*. You probably don’t want to expose that, in which case I’d follow the HowToGeek instructions and test it.

* GPU, bus speeds, memory speed and whether your PC supports USB-C → is the device USB-C, is it NVMe-based, is it RAID, what are the write/read speeds … :nerd_face: :face_vomiting:


Then @JJDancer tells me to go on pc…
I didn’t understand anything of all of you just said. If it was for me to go pc, the pc seller and not a market is my only option. All my pcs in the past were bought from single pc technicians, fixed by them part to part. They lasted longer than all my friends that bought their pcs from great markets and though my stats were lower my performance was higher always.
So again, I don’t know computer language, but one thing I know for good is that laptops are not pc. So I believe that the op will have to play this game on laptop with a lot of difficulties, or create a pc environment in his laptop, extra coolers etc…
But no Conan at all is worst again, so if laptop is the only possible option then all I suggest to @F4suri, is go for it and good luck, I really wish you will finally install the game and play :+1:t6:


I play Conan on my test rig, an ASUS ZenBook, which is one class lower than the ROG versions. It has an Intel platform, i7 versus i5 which would be comparable to the Ryzen 5. It plays Conan pretty well, but I’m only doing 720p and 29.97 frames per second. This is the machine I use when I need to test what a lower-end but still in-spec machine would do.

On this setup I play Conan from my external “sled” which is a hard drive enclosure. It uses USB-C, and is built on a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks) stripe set to give me the optimal read/write. The two “chips” inside it are Western Digital NvME M.2 SSDs, that I took out of my tower. All these bits are scavenged from other setups.

As for cooling: I have it sitting on two Coca-Cola 1-liter plastic bottle caps for extra elevation. I call that an English modkit. (that side of me fam is frugal, wot)

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Should work but as TenJumpChump said, expect longer load times, not too much of a hassle to begin with, but more of an issue if you are zipping around obelisks using map rooms.

Be prepared to be chomped on by undead hyenas (in the desert) and Panthers in the east while you are still on a loading screen. Fine if you are lvl 60 and can take some hits with a good thrall, but not so much fun at lower levels.

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my gpu is gtx 1650

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Depends on USB?

I got WD Black 1tb SSD, and works fines. (with USB it came with) Those 1-2mins load times are 10-20seconds. (which is pretty normal for SSD)

If i pulled USB from side drawer thats 5 years old… Both my laptop and ps4 call it out as bad connection and to switch to a proper USB. XD

Ps4, wise you can directlly install on to the external. (its treated like a Internal) PC, you just tell game to install in what ever drive you want.
Not really sure why you wouldn’t tell laptop from get go to install to external.

I can’t speak for CE on PC, (its 125gbs or so on ps4) PC tends to have larger installs…

(staring at Ark’s 375gb of my poor 470ssd) T_T New map comes out next week -_-’