Many questions about the game storage (Kinda Important for me)

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Hello, since the new update i’m facing a new and really unpleasant problem about ME playing the game.

The fact is that I actually bought ( a few months ago) a SSD for only playing Conan Exiles, which means that I only have this game on my 111GB SSD, and since FUNCOM deployed a new update
that adds about 30GB on the original game, I cannot play the game anymore because I do not have enough space!

In details, I’m playing on a single Roleplay Server with my friends, a server who needs 10,5~ GB of mods to be played on. The game is 104GB, my mods weigh are around 10GB, making a total of 114 GB on my 111 GB SSD !!

Now, what i’m asking to you guys is, is there any way to load my mods on my 1TB Hard Drive ? (Which means that i move all my mods from my SSD to my Hard Drive)

Or, is there any files in the game that I can delete to gain places on my SSD ?
Or, is there any solution execpt having to move the game to my Hard Drive (because I legit cannot play the game with it on my hard drive) or having to buy again a new SSD ?

I’m looking for your answers guys, and I would really appreciate to get some answers since there is no way to contact the developers by mail or anything else.

Thanks in advance.

where did you get SSD so small? sizes below 240GB went EOL ages ago

Not in France actually, they cost around 25~ 30€ so…

France has no semiconductor plants as far as I’m aware, and said plants shifted their manufacturing process forcing EOL on low capacity drives to all ODMs kinda what you’ll see past Q1 2021 in DRAM, forget 8GB modules, and if you plan upgrade, wait til 16Gbit dies are on market

anyhow, you got some obscure sources sir
I recently paid ~33€ for decent 1TB SSD, I’m in EU btw

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You’re happy there in EU… Here in Russia I’m going to buy 480 Gb Kingston for ~48€ as a New Year gift for myself. Those 1 TB ones are 100-200€ and I can’t afford them.

I would love to know where you bought your SSD then ^^ Since I only refer to French sales sites, when there is no sold, a 1TB SSD cost about 100€ ~

well it was a bargain, normally I’d pay bit more, but watch out for those sales

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