Should i sell my ps4 pro?

Im really sick of not being any help anywhere when it comes to enemys. They just float around and stab me with invisible weapons.

While my friend of a normal playstation that he bought on release, runs and renders everything perfectly.

Coolbird if you would be willing to sell your ps4 pro so that you can better enjoy Conan Exiles, that is some iron clad dedication. My hat’s off to you sir.

Tbh i was addicted to runescape so i can see a

Thats all i want

Sell the pro? No i wouldn’t

Pick up a standard p4 on the cheap? I probably would

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Sorry for slightly derailing this thread, but does switching the boost mode off, or on, on the pro have any impact on the performance of the game? It’s something I was wondering about.

Yes this.^^ For the record I am only on a standard ps4, however I have heard from others that lowering the setting and switching boost mode off can improve performance…?

I’ve tried and it still doesn’t seem to be as effective as a basic ps4.

If i run this on N64 modded a little, can i play in 60fps? (Jokes)

Just swap the hdd with a good ssd. Best decision I’ve ever made.

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Rather than go through the struggle of selling and reacquisition, even running CE from an external SSD has shown performance boosts on most Pros. Now is a pretty good time to upgrade the internal to SSD, as prices are set to increase steadily through the end of the year.

This would make my ps4 pro better…? O.o

Too clarify, i only would buy this if it makes my conan run better on my pro; so this does work?

Would say sell it and add it to your PC funds.
(Not trolling) But the drawback is that you have a game catalogue…
(Not like Steam where you buy a game and you own it Mac/PC/Linux - which, while ‘obvious’ is not done by any other digital store, that Im aware of… though its been awhile since Ive shopped others.)

By the way, isn’t the Playstation 5 coming out end of year? If I were to go console, it would definitely be Play station…

I’ve been with playstation since ps1. I’ve never bought an xbox, wii or any other kind of console. Playstation is my favorite system and i will always have the highest respect for Sony Entertainment.

However… i want my conan too work and thats all i care aboot.

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heh… so you played Resident Evil when it came out back in the day?
(Basically the only game I remember on the first playstation)
Wasn’t Sega (Sonic the hedgehog) the thing before that? Seems like it was - taking place over Nintendo (Rambo II/ Zelda, Mario, etc.)… and before that the Atari? (With a ti-99/4A thrown in for funs)… before that going to the Pizza Hut to play on the big Arcade boxes games like PacMan and… (Mrs. Pac man kinda took over) lol

Why is the Pro having an issue with Conan?
(or the other way around)
Seems strange that the regular one is fine with it (again, haven’t been keeping up with Playstation, though I know they have excellent exclusive games I wish would come to the PC… thanks to Epic games, some are - heavy rain/two souls/detroit (yeah, some old, but still… I get your appreciation for the playstation. :slight_smile:

Hope you get your Conan issues straightened.

Imo you should go with a Samsung Evo 860 or a Crucial Mx500. This one uses a new type of memory (QLC) which is slower and it has less write endurance.
It’s not super important the write endurance, but more is better. The QVO is rated at 300TB, Crucial at 360 and the Evo860 is rated at 600TB.

On my pro- i 100% cannot go into a town.

I get killed by invisible teleporting auto attacking without any warm up time and i just insta die.

This is not a joke, this game is practically unplayable on the ps4 pro. Most tilting game I’ve ever played.

Edit: Oh i wanna go get my loot off my body? (Hovers over body to loot all) freeze before items are shown (instant death by nothing) a.k.a i can never. (Ever) loot my body if it has over 3 items and im in a town.

Then you must definitely switch to an ssd. I won’t fix teleporting enemies, but it will fix everything else. Also even others game, outside Conan, will benefit from it.
I’m often surprised by how long it takes for my friend (ps4pro base hdd) to load.

You may have missed it, but even a USB add-on external SSD drive will make Conan Exiles enjoyable on the PS4 Pro. This suggests a bottleneck on the Pro that needs patching from Sony. The SSD is simply a workaround until it gets fixed, one way or the other.

I agree here. Keep that PS4 Pro because it’s a nice system, and just buy a cheap standard PS4.

Only thing I use a PS4 for is Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Gravity Rush 2.

Sell that silly thing, and join the PC master race. Here we get all the patches first.


Lmao that picture is alot to handle.

Yeah im honestly just really bummed. Maybe when the new Unreal engine drops publicly we can see some major improvements?

I’ve seen some promising work…