20 gigs everytime?

Is it really just coincidence that every patch seems to be in the 20 gig range? Like exactly what is taking up so much data that a patch is 20 gigs in size? Also why is it after numerous 20 gig patches that my overall size for Conan Exiles in my hard drive has hardly changed? Are we downloading filler BS over and over because it doesnt get removed after it’s already been patched in?

Think of it this way, Two items are connected together item A is connected to Item B If item A is changed then item B needs to be changed to fit with Item A again. It could be that the patch changes certain values in the code and they have to be altered to fit into the game that’s why we get new bugs after updates sometimes. Most likely Item A will be replaced with a newer Item A thus more data because its replacing things its not adding, you won’t see the change on the hard drive unless its a content update or something that does add things. I’m not a game developer or anything just a common guess lol

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Basically, a patch is usually a lot more than the sum of the things it changes - if it touches a file, the whole file goes in the patch. Some systems/games are “smarter” than others in this regard, it heavily depends on how they were setup, how modular they are and a host of other things.

For the record, a lot of my recent patches have been in the < 100 MB range though.

yes exactly what he said lol I suck at explanations lol

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