The game taking up too much memory

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Every update is huge. Funcom can you clean up the files? I don’t want a 200 Gigabyte game once Conan Exiles is finished being upgrade. Conan Exiles is more than skyrim+Fallout 4.

I noticed that on the Xbox, the size of the game actually dropped after the last update. From >100GB down to about 80GB, after a 24GB patch.

Now, the size of these patches. That’s a whole other deal. I remember when they talked about making some structural changes to how they patch so that subsequent patches would be much smaller. Oh, those were indeed halcyon days. That lasted for a couple of patch cycles. Now we’re back to downloading 30% of the game again.

I think my console patch that dropped the other day was only 6GB ish… but I could be mistaken. It took longer for the ps4 to copy the files than download it seemed.

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