How’s a 2,5 GB update = one bug fix?

I’m sorry but this just seems outrageous and unfair. Not everyone has the newest console available. In my case I own an Xbox one and even the 1 TB I have won’t be enough if Funcom continues to make such updates.

I enjoy the game so much even with all its flaws but this really upset me today.
Wasn’t there a way to prevent this?


Short of changing how the patches work in Unreal Engine, probably not. If you want the ugly technical details, start here and dig your way through the rest:


Rarely does a patch increase the size of what you download. It’s patching files.

Otherwise, what CodeMage said.


The Answer to this, is knowing how Game Data is Stored.
Its not single files, its Bundles of Data.

Its not so smart person speak…

Its Box of Folders, Full of files.
You don’t download a “file”, You download a “folder” which replace a entire folder. Hence why Patches come in large sizes. And why a 2.5 patch only increases game size a small amount. It was just replacing “folder of data”

They don’t magically edit notepad file by opening excel and magically typing in the change., they replace the whole file with new one.

Console users, find they need =/equal empty space when downloading patches. 50gb patch requires 50gb+ of free space n top of that.
You download patch/update. It sits there till finished downloading.
THEN, it’ll go thru process of copying and replacing files. (hence why it takes 20-50mins depending on game size)

According to Sony, this method has allowed for much lower corruption issues. Its been staple for several years now across all platforms.

Few exceptions, like small updates you see at start of COD etc. Since there just replacing a small setting file to ensure your all set.


The only good think for me is that I generally play only this game, but it’s true that it is a little funny how a patch of small size my console demands to have way more space free 🤦🏼. I have to argue a bit with my son of what I will have to delete from his installed games and after the patch to download it again :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It is way funny, but I don’t know if this is a Sony issue or a Funcom issue :man_shrugging:, out of my area of knowledge totally, so I can’t point fingers.

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I think this is why there is difference between PC and Xbox :smiley: because of this thing exact i think pc is master race , because for me this update was 25 MB because i think on pc is possible to replace one file , but for ps and xboxx u need to redownload whole library almost - i am not sure , but thats how i understand it…


As a member of the “master race”, i would just let it be known that storage issues is not only a problem for consoles. Even before siptah, i had to move conan over to external disk, with all the slowness that attracts.

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Depending on how those files are stored on PC, that 25 MB patch could still be just as problematic. For example, PoE had this issue for a while where even small patches would take ages to install. Reason being the way updates were handled is the file being patched would be copied, extracted, patched and copied back into the game folder. PoE at the time was basically stored in one big file.

What this meant was that for a 25MB patch, Steam would be manipulating about 75GB worth of data.

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Sony mention it in older interview, (and via support ticket response)
Its Console thing, It copies game over, along with new files. (basically a fresh install of game)

Like I mention above, its meant to reduce chance of corrupted files. They still all use the method, and with lack of topics on bad installs. One figures it seems to be working.


Okay so after I asked a friend of mine (IT guy in another gaming company) to explain to me how patches actually work I will admit I was being dumb af.
For the people like me who have no idea how things work here’s a summary of how patches work from what I’ve understood (please correct me if I’m wrong).

When a game with files A, B, C is being patched the patch actually replaces A, B and C with upgraded files but it doesn’t double the size of the files. So when we’re downloading a 2,5 GB update it doesn’t actually add 2,5 GB to our storage space. It only takes a little bit more space from the console/PC memory.
So it’s not A+A, B+B, C+C.
Which when I think about it now that I have more information makes perfect sense.

I’d like to apologize for my assumptions to all the hardworking people in Funcom who try to make our gaming experience better.


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