Last mission wolves to get mount. Kills dont count

In the moment i start killing hyrkanos, i have to kill 50 in Orange or purple zone, i can kill the entire camp and the kill count still be stacked on 0/50. I let the wolf attack a lot, and the kill doesnt count either. I have active the wolf, and i am in the correct zone. Every other mission It works, but this counter kill is bugged and i cant finish the quest. The mission is the last, the one you are going to get the reward, wolf mount or combat pet. So if somebody knows how does It can be finished It would be great ^^ thanks a lot guys

I guess you’re talking about this quest, right?


If I remember, you just need to have the pet with you, as you kill Hyrkanians. Maybe try to summon the pet again? :thinking:

also, make sure you have the correct pet, every few quests, you are rewarded with an upgraded pup. you need to use that one to keep progressing.

aparently i cant upload images becouse im new ^^ but no problem m8. that is the correct quest. i summon again the wolf which is the last i can upgrade as Cappa said right before, i kill hyrkanians, with zone on purple and orange aswell, pet is close to me, and cho yung only gives me other quest which is kill only 10 but that is for faction points. the main quest, ‘‘Slaughtering Hyrkanians’’ kill 50 of them. i cant make 1 single kill count at anyway. i cant delete the quest either. so i think funcom has to reset the quest on my account. i’d be so glad if they can do it becouse i think there is no other different way to fix this. Thanks to everyone btw. age of conan is still the best MMORPG Ever and i have other characters aswell. but the point is, i think i have no solution with this if funcom does not help me directly… :frowning:

tip: send pet inn to attack. so he will have the first hit.