Pets and Thralls die for no reason

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Hi, i lost 2 wolfs and 1 archer for no reason, i only went offline and when i came back i find them dead.
In the event log i can see that they ‘‘lost their lifes’’ for nothing, unlike my Rhino that ‘‘Lost his life from Ancient Scorpion Queen’’

Can you tell me if is this a bug or something else? Thanks.

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If they die from bleed or poison the event log does not register what killed them. May or may not be what is happening, just thought it would be useful information while you try to figure it out.

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Which game mode are you playing on?

Do you have any defenses that can damage them if they walk into nearby? Trolls will pull your thralls into them and they stand there til they die.


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