Lasting Feast STILL not working

I have been a huge fan of Conan Exiles and Isle of Siptah expansion for over 3 years now. I have been waiting the past 5 months now for some sort of patch to have Lasting Feast as well as other recipes that were completely deleted from the game aside from staring at the recipe and ingredients to make them. I absolutely would like to know if Lasting Feast will ever work again as it was a huge amount of time and effort to create them and not ever looking into fixing the bug has highly taken my interest to keep playing away. Is there any chance AT ALL that these recipes will work again and not put on the back burner any longer than it already has???

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Welcome to the Forum hopefully 3.0 update fixes that and other things.

This bug as well as many others were reported and received by the team, however i suspect that 2.9 will actually be a big bug fix patch but the issues with server merging has delayed 2.9.

Perhaps once issues with merges are solved and finally completed, they will release 2.9 fixing all the bugs we’ve reported over the last few months.

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