Latest Update broke Isle of Siptah on Xbox (south west corner)

Latest update installed (stability issues). I load the game, then select “Play in single player”, then “Isle of Siptah”. The game loads as normal, with me spawning outside of my base in E7. Everything seems normal, but between 8-25 seconds (timed) after spawning the game freezes, and exactly 1 minute later it crashes. I hard-reset my (updated) console several times, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but the issue persists. I found out from other Xbox players that it has something to do with the south west location, as this issue apparently does not happen in other locations. A lot of console gamers have given up on the game because of freezing issues and the transparent animals issue.

I’m a huge fan of this game, therefore I’m devastated that I can no longer play it. Please do not ignore us console players. We paid for the DLC and the Battlepasses!


they working on the problem we need too wait on the patch


Thank you for your report.

This issue has been reported and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:

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