My whole clan is frozen in south Siptah islands official server 7059

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Got on to do some gathering and thralling on the south islands and all of us keep freezing down here. Dead, lost our gear, keep freezing. Those up north are fine.


Yeah, it seems like ever since they expanded the map and added the southern part when it came out for consoles, any time they do an update or come out with new features for the Isle of Siptah, all the bugs and problems primarily happen in the south.

The only recent problems that have been happening all over the entire map are the invisible animals and creatures. The only thing is that it cannot be determined by one type.

You could have wild dogs in one section not affected, then go to another section and they are affected, just to run into another and once again they are not affected.

It all started back when they were messing with the emotes on thralls.

Ever since then, they kept coming out with so many new things and just staked up more and more problems and kept adding to them instead of making sure everything was stable and fixed before bringing out something new.

Even without any updates or bringing new things out, I’m always finding new bugs that were not there the day before. But I keep playing because it’s primarily the only game I play the most and enjoy the most when it’s working.


Haven’t been able to log in all day because of something in the Southwest area of siptah causing the game to crash. My clan and I are now unable to defend during raid time on the official server.


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. @AdisiTaliWaya and @Deflux could you share what game mode are you playing on? (Single-player, co-op, online)

If online, could you share the server number/name as well?

Thanks in advance!

Siptha official pve conflict server 7020 for me

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@Mayra i try now since 2 hours 90% of the time i dashboard at the loading screen ive i load in the game freeze after 1 second and nothing can be done

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Thank you for the information @Bearhunter. We are taking this situation to our team for more investigation.

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if you go to the southern area of ​​siptah, the game freezes and you can no longer get into the game because the game hangs in the loading screen. singleplayer as well as private servers and public servers are affected. until now it happened whenever you walk or fly towards the dark area.

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Running south towards the beach after teleporting into grid E7 yesterday and the game disconnected and crashed to the Xbox dashboard. Tried logging back into 7051 after restarting game and the load bar stops just before reaching 50% and the game crashes to xbox dash board.
Happens repeatedly.

Siptah official server 7000 in PVE !! same issue here please wake up Funcom !!

It doesn’t matter if it’s offline, pvp, PvE or pvec…


Also the south east area of siptah has been causing problems for awhile. I think a lot of stuff is being rendered in at a far distance, if you’re on the main island and even face the south east area, you’ll start dropping fps. It’s enough to make me avoid the area completely.

Would also be nice if you fixed the invisible things aswell…

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Greetings Exiles,

Our team is currently investigating this situation to pinpoint the issue and work on a solution.

We appreciate your patience and support on this matter.


This is a very basic issue. I don’t know how it wasn’t found before you rushed out this game breaking patch.
Lost everything to an exploit you added in sorcery and now might lose it all again because no one can get on to defend…
Why are you editing my comments?

Changing bomb dupe to exploit?

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this is happeningnon on official pvp 7071 too lol same exact thing bein 24 hours already

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so any new infos at this problem ? I still not can log in on siptha

Sorry my name Dugan clan Ambronen game tag reidder official server 7020 conflict, frozen in 7G / 6J game frozen end. Crash, after Crash for any time ist no possibility the login , greeting

@Mayra any new infos on this problem ? We still not can play

Greetings Exiles!

Thank you for reaching out once more. We have now confirmed the issue and we’ll start working on a solution for it.

We appreciate your patience and collaboration while we investigated this matter.

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good too hear but how long this will be need ? Till next week then half of my stuff will decay ?!