Game Freezes on below described zones

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 7053 PVE

Bug Description:

I have photos of everything I am describing to you on this Bug Report. From this week and last week once the game Froze. Server freezes on zones from 4B down to 8B, through 8G down to 4G all this zone is impossible to get near, I have lost everything now twice on this server trying to move base locations. I have also reported this last weekend when the sever did the same thing.

Bug Reproduction:

entering into or even look at this zone in gameplay, if your close enough to this dead area and face in that direction the game freezes. You log out, and can log in one time. at this point I try and face away from the area, but the game freezes quickly. Then the log in freezes 2-3 times so I have to wait 2-3 mins between log in attempts. When I can log back in if there is an enemy in the area they will attack you and game will freeze, they kill you, and the game puts you clear on the other side of the map, on the side of a mountain or out in the sea. The way the game is designed you have to reach your corpse in a certain amount of time, but the bug prevents you from doing this, and the game never put you back at or even near your corpse. Please email me and I can answer any questions to help resolve this on going issue with the game, communication is key recreating issues on a test server, I deal with this daily at my place of employment.

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We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

We are aware of this and we’re trying to find a fix. Meanwhile, if you’d like, you can try out this workaround that has fixed the issue for some players:

Hope this helps!

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