Gmae froze cant log in sick if the bugs

I walked into the souther part of the map had one thrall following me my fiance was also playing and also had the game freeze and we had to quit and now both unable to log in. This problem lasts wayyyy to long. Idk if I wanna keep paying for something that I can never seem to play on my one day off a week may have to find a better game that actually is playable and has competent employees working on the issues. From what I read I should not expect this to get better any time soon unless I go buy a computer.


We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

We are aware of this and we’re trying to find a fix. Meanwhile, if you’d like, you can try out this workaround that has fixed the issue for some players:

Hope this helps!

Nope tried that the first time this happened. How about you guys give people the server for free until you figure out how to maie isles of siptah playable! Now i have to chose between letting this company steal from me ever month or losing everything i worked so hard to do on this server. How about make a reset button for people who are stuck that will put then back at their bed without losing their stuff. Also block off or remove the map you clearly cant handle fixing. I mean exiles has been our for yeaaars and still cant see half the people you fight or the animals you tame. I just dont understand what you guys are doing outting out unplayable maps when u cant even fix the original. I was really hoping i found a game i could lose myself in for a while and now i regret spending any money on this and all the dlcs i paid wasted money on… GGS PEOPLE. you deff won.

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