Latrine not available after buying bath set

You spend money on this stuff and its either not there or doesn’t work. Its funny how mod maker can make a tub you can get into but funcom can’t

And like the rest of you, can’t find or make the latrin.


I have the same problem on steam playing single player I bought the set but I can’t spawn in the Latrine. They better fix it soon.

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Wouldn’t it be saucy of them to correct their oopsie and add a working bidet/boot-washer? Could really help tidy up the ah mess.


BTW if you use the latrine, have a walk in the creek for a while before hopping into the hot tub. #TMIYK

Any updates on a fix? Because that was an expensive set

I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about it before mid January. Christmas/New Year break.

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