Launcher crashing

I can not even start the game to get into single player after the last update. I keep getting "“the application failed to launch the game, please restart the launcher and try again or launch the game manually from its installation directory”. Anyone else get this bug??? Any suggestions on how to fix? Reinstalling didn’t seem to help. Trying a new directory to see if that may work…

I am also having this issue. From the crash reports:

- System

|||- Provider

[ Name ] Application Error

|||- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers ] 0

Version 0

Level 2

Task 100

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

|||- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime ] 2021-06-03T17:13:18.1657970Z

EventRecordID 1256


|||- Execution

[ ProcessID ] 0

[ ThreadID ] 0

Channel Application



- EventData












Game files have been verified and re-verified, graphics card is up to date, disabling fullscreen optimizations does not solve the issue. Please advise.

For some reason, Funcom will not let me link to their own forums to post the solution for this error. This comes from user SelinaK.




I had the same issue since the update yesterday. Like others I also have an intel 11th gen CPU. (11400 with a 3060 TI). Here is how I could solve the problem for myself:

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Right Click on “This PC”
  3. Choose Properties
  4. Select Advanced System Settings
  5. Select Environment Variables
  6. Select New under System Variables
  7. Enter the following:
    Variable name: OPENSSL_ia32cap
    Variable value: ~0x200000200000000
  8. Hit Okay

Not sure if a reboot is necessary, but I did one to be sure.

After that CE started allright for me. Obviously cannot promise that this will work for everyone, but it did work for me.

Edit: (Disclaimer)
Obviously didnt come up with this all on my own. The number of people stating they had current intel CPUs got me thinking that maybe this occurs with other UE4 titles as well and lo and behold it actually seems to be the case as I found a few entries of other UE4 with some problems with 10th gen intel and higher. So I tested those solutions and this one worked for me.

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You have to cruise around the forum A while so they know you are not a Bot should not take long @Calteru

Then report this to Zendesk you can find address in home page

They are aware. There is even a thread on it.

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