Legacy of Darkness: 18+ Dark Fantasy, Slavery, E-RP/PVP

Rising from the Land of the Dead, a dark power binds you to this hellish prison… whom will you become exile?

-Powerful necromancy rules the land allowing no rest for those who wish to keep their humanity! -With no perma-death you will become undead and unlock new quest lines for gaining power. -As undead, complete dark rituals that will spawn abominations upon the server and give you access to unique dark powers. If you can keep the hunters at bay.
-Explore innovative and new ways to carry on your character’s story with the new Legacy system, allowing your characters to transfer power and lineage to other players through romance.
-Seek the ultimate challenge to become a Lord of Chaos, dominate those who would oppose your reign!
-Be part of a unique and growing server lore that will give your character hooks to build on.
-Explore dark sexual themes (consent based)
-Choose one of 11 unique races, each with their own individual customization options and racial buffs!
-A plethora of unique and fun mods, for building, PvP, and character customization.

Will you fight for the living or the dead exile?


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