Legendairy Armor repair kits?

Hey idk if thats in the game or not but now there are legendairy armors in the game should we not have the ability to repair those aswell ?


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It is intended that there are no legendary repair kits for the newly added legendary armors.

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@Ignasi Unfortunately, this means that most people will use legendary armor pieces in exactly the same way they used the legendary weapons before the UC bosses started dropping: they won’t use them at all. Instead most players will leave them sitting in boxes because they will be too afraid of them getting damaged.

I’ve seen this first-hand with players on the official PvE server I play on. Before my clan managed to capture a Purge Blacksmith a few months ago, NO ONE on the server would use their legendary weapons, even when they still had dozens of repair kits left-over from the Hallow event. It was only once I was able to start mass-producing LWRKs that people started to use them.

It’s very similar with the white and black dyes. Until someone gets a Purge alchemist, everyone is too afraid to use what dyes they acquired during Halloween because they cannot be replaced.

So unforunately, adding new equipment with no dependable way of repairing or replenishing it simply makes most people never use it. While that’s not so bad with weapons because we can at least make cool armories/trophy rooms with the display racks, for armor that means they just sit in a chest instead. :frowning:

TLDR; While the lack of LARKs may be intentional, I hope that you listen to feedback and reconsider so that these items will actually see use rather than gathering dust.


To put a bit of context: its planned to add these kits in the future as we plan to expand and add additional legendary sets. However, this armor is the most powerful in the game and we have to be careful with balancing.


OK, that’s reassuring and reasonable. Better to proceed cautiously now than latter nerfing or removing stuff that players feel entitled to due to prior efforts.


I give my legendary armor pieces to my thralls who don’t break them. It makes sense that a former Treasure Seeker would collect a piecemeal set of mismatching artefacts to wear.

That said, if I found a piece of legendary armor that would be useful to me, of course I’d use it. I can either use it until it breaks and benefit from its bonuses until then, or not use it and never benefit from its bonuses. It gives no advantage whatsoever sitting in a box in my base.


While that’s unarguably true, and entirely logical, my experience - both personal and from others - is that many, dare I say most players will behave as Larathiel outlines above. That is, they’d rather hoard and “protect” their legendary armor pieces than use them and risk them breaking. Keeping an eye on the durability and using them 'till they’re close to breaking is of course doable, but I’ve lost count of the picks I’ve accidentally broken even though I intended to use them to the breaking point and then repair them. Armor is even worse because you can’t always control whether someone ambushed you on the way home and gets in a few hits even as you run away - which may be enough. For a hilarious example I once had my pants break at a bad moment, which lead to me running around with my wiener out (underwear is not a thing). Hilarious in itself, but the armor piece breaking meant I no longer got the Encumbrance bonus, which again meant I lost the Enc 50 perk, so was suddenly slowed to a crawl. Before I could unload enough to move, I ran into a world boss, and well… you can guess the rest.


Yeah, I know. Especially now that we have hope that repair kits may happen some day, it encourages hoarding one’s valuables even more. Why use it now and risk it breaking if in a few months you can use it and repair it?

One logical reason not to use unrepairable legendary items is that they tend to last just long enough to let you get used to the bonus they give, and when you lose that bonus, you need to learn to survive with less than you used to have, which, of course, is never fun.


This is what I do, don’t always pull it off though. :grinning:

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