Legendary Armour Patch Crafting

Since the launch of 3.0 legendary armour patch kits are no longer available to craft from the tinkers bench. Instead we are now only able to craft master armour patch kits. Any chance of this crafting returning?


It’s a bug, but yeah so annoying that you cannot repair your legendary armor unless you happen to find legendary armor patch kits in loot :frowning:
I am guessing that since 3.0 brought a lot of serious bugs, they will get around to fixing it at some point when they have fixed the most urgent ones :slight_smile:


Also the legendary repair kit not showing up when putting a t4 blacksamith on thinkerers bench

That’s not true. Legendary weapon repair kits are fine. I’ve been checking periodically and the option to craft them is there. My last check was 4 days ago and it was all working fine.

@EduMariano, are you sure you’re using the correct blacksmith? It has to be a tempersmith, otherwise you don’t get the option to craft the legendary weapon repair kit.


Hello think it was the problem then i put an edgesmith


The issue isnt the weapon repair kit missing its the armor one is missing

The issue is the armor repair kit, when I put a tepmerwright its not legendary armor repair kit its a lower tier now.

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