Legendary chests do not appear in the game

Legendary chests do not appear in the game. I think it may be a mod that I put on the list, after signing up for the workshop. But until you find out which one, it should take. Has anyone created or will create a mod that adds legendary chests to the game? Otherwise I will only face the bosses to give the character experience, but it will be full of master keys and no chests to open.

It’s an out of date mod. There are dozens, you’ll have to figure out which one(s).


OK. I like to use a lot of mods, because it gives more excitement in the game. Without mods you can’t. I’ll see if I can find out which mod is causing this bug. It will take time, because I use more than 40 mods :). I will have to find patience for this, but it is embarrassing to face the boss without a chest to open and obtain a legendary weapon. Thanks for the answer!

I solved the problem by rearranging the list of mods. Now the chests appear.

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