All chests for legendary loot missing

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[Describe the bug here]None of the chests that are guarded by bosses are showing.

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If you are using a mod, Paragon leveling, level 1 legendary chests, AoC, or level 60 legendary chests for leveling mods (for some examples), that’s why.

Mod authors (myself included) cannot fix that until a dev kit update is out to match the hotfix.

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Thanks for the response, we are using Paragon leveling.

Yup, that’s why. I’m going to see if there is something temporary I can do in case the dev kit update is delayed, but no ETA on that. Just have to come up with creative solutions for a lack of chests until then.

no big rush, on my behalf anyway, I’d rather wait and not break more things :slight_smile:

Just pushed a temporary fix. It disables the Legendary Chest setting from the UI, so you’ll have to be level 300 to open the chests. But at least they spawn now.

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