Legends & Lore (Extreme Fantasy RP-PVPE) (West-USA)

Legends & Lore is now open for adventurers! Enter a fantasy realm that’s completely unlike Conan!

‘Legends & Lore’ is an experimental server with alignment based city-faction conflict, extreme fantasy RP-ERP-PVPE+18, end game survival with an open-source lore system based on D&D’s that’s developed by players in game through RP. An automated system was designed to categorize the lore creatures, races and classes, so you can craft your character any way you desire.

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Basic overview:

  • RP first server!

  • RPG style wandering monsters/treasure

  • Magic and special powers

  • RP Events

  • PVE Arena

  • Survival (x2 harvest)

  • End game content - ancient magic or god magic

  • City-faction setting and backstory of good vs. evil

  • 300 levels +

  • 60th starter level

  • Starter faction quest – basic starter gear

  • No attribute maximum

  • Learn additional feats and attributes

  • Slow decay on gear

  • No building decay

  • No drop gear

  • No messages, ads, or repeating messages in chat.

  • No Pippi auto-payment unless nominated to the a city position

  • No teleport (portals and trinkets available)

  • Twilight light cycle - based on lore

  • Free racial cosmetic kits with selection of race

  • Special mounts and mythical equipment

  • Shapeshifting/morphing with question lines for flying characters

  • Character automated alignment system

  • Character automated race system

  • Character automated class system

  • Vendor faction reward system

  • Unique coin/banking system

  • Player trade/merchant system

  • Player government system

  • Faction building system

  • 3 Portal Networks

  • 2 Factions Hub

  • 2 Faction Markets

  • Citizen faction promotion system

  • Open-source lore system based on D&D

  • Underdark – New maze of caves with evil faction city

  • The Ancient Lands, large new map and complete overlay.

  • 23 mods