Legion warrior skeleton loot

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [US]
System [PS4]

Was it intentional for the silent legion warrior style monsters to not have loot.

I have been mass murdering these guys to level my followers and I remember that they at one point did give loot.

Just a heads up for you devs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find silent legion warrior skeleton
  2. Murder silent legion skeleton
  3. Profit?

I agree with this message! We should either know that it’s intentional that they don’t have loot, or info that it isn’t intended and on the list for a fix.


If i remember correctly this skeletons lost their loot after the cellar wine update. I like to fight this skeletons too, i go and meet them at kings niche. I fight this boss not only for the legendary and the gold but for the silken wraps too. You are right this skeletons must have their loot back, like the giants do.


Hello @The_Hundeprest, we’ve confirmed that this is intentional and there are no plans to change it.

Yeah, I also knew the change (thought bug) came with Wine Cellar dungeon.

Why do normal skeletons in Wine Cellar have loot, but the stronger silent legion outside not?

So what was the idea behind it?

Also it would be great to add sth like that in the changelog…
Many (myself included) thought this is a bug and a fix will come…
If it was in the changenote, it would be clear.

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Thanks Hugo

Well most of us thought it was a bug as in this post below it was said it would be looked into but then closed and no word for 3 months, great communication guys. 3 months to tell us you meant to take the loot away. Nice work Funcom.


Could you by any chance tell why this was thought to be a good idea, when the silent legion warrior skeletons are much harder then the War Makers ones but you kill them and get nothing. Why would you change this if I may ask? Also why if it was meant to be done did it take you all 3 months to tell us when there are a few posts about this bug or guess not a bug now.

Its very confusing for players have to tell you.


This is the “new and better communicating” which Funcom talked about in last devstream… /S

All I can say anymore is “I am speechless” (otherwise I would get my 3rd strike).

Also FC likes silent nerfs: Quivering arrows damage

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