Skeleton corpses, no loot Unnamed City & Black Keep O.S. #2010 PVE

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [ Unnamed City & Black Keep ]

clan: The Immortals

its been a while and i dont know if anyone said anything about it or its mend to be like this
but skeleton corpses in the Unnamed City (regular ones) and outside and i think inside
the Black Keep also, are not dropping anything, no loot at all. i am not sure about other locations but for sure inside the The Wine Cellar all type of skeletons drops a loot.
i though i sould say something about it.

p.s. i know you are all trying to make it better.
And even if i lost items the last days that broke my heart and made me sad and crying like a baby
i have to say a
HUGE thank you for this game
keep up the good work
i know you are gonna fix things and make it all better

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.kill a skeleton loot from the corpse

Funcom said that was intended and they changed it a few patch ago but’s it not a bug

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But the wights are supposed to drop loot?


it probably has to do with the tier of all the undead ( or not ) its just that in some places they drop loot and in open world they dont… but wights do drop all…

The black keep yields more experience, why allow a lower tier to drop loot. It is like removing non-legendary loot from unnamed city bosses and allowing the generic undead to drop loot.

Inadvertently discouraging hunting and killing bosses and instead hunting the generics for that bit of extra loot.

The wights have a chance to drop armor that you can dismantle for layered fur, an epic component. The black keep no longer drops so less players will be willing to brave lower temps to get no extra loot.

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