Lemurians, the forgotten race

I would like to see the Lemurians reworked. If there’s some sort of lore behind them behind so scarce than fair enough, but there’s only really one populated camp that being Pogoda, no t4 fighters or archers outside of purge and just very little in general for this race. There is a bucketload of available places that more camps could be placed in including all the huge cool structures around the palace of the witch queen. That whole area of the map is begging for more content else why have all those wonderful ancient buildings other than for pretty scenery.


So my info here is not correct. There are a few t4 archers and fighters that do spawn here. Still it’s very limited when compared to the rest of the factions in the game.

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I would like to see a few more camps of them to be sure. Perhaps even have some pockets of them in The Lost City of Xel-ha.


what do you mean? they’re allover Xel-ha

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Where exactly? I’ve been running around the area for two days trying to get a t4 derketo priest or even an arch priest and using the gorillas to level my thralls. They are definitely not all over the place. Most of the camps in the area are Black Hand Faction.
From the Conan wiki : They only have a single extended Camp, but two dungeons are also themed in lieu of their lore.
And also : Their central faction hub and only camp The Pogoda of Boundless lust.

Xel-Ha is basically barren aside from shoe bills , panthers and gorillas. I assure you there not all over the place


and have you noticed primitive camps? their inhabitants are usually around
not really thrallable btw

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Ahh you’re referring to the lower staging area I assume. Yes they are lemurians your quite right but there are no notable npc’s in these areas unfortunately :disappointed:

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There is quite a lot of Lemurian lore, just none in the jungle. The Lemurian lorestones are scattered across the north, mostly in out of the way and hard to get to spots.

It’s mostly anti-Giant Kings war propaganda.[Complete Lemurian Lorestones]
(Lemurian Lorestones - Official Conan Exiles Wiki)

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Well there is a lore reason…

The lemurians have mostly degenerated into ape-men

That said, I wouldn’t mind both more Lemurians and to have them more consistently use Hyrkanian features, and the Hyrkanians are the main descendant population of the Lemurians in the Hyborian setting.

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Nice that explains all the apes in the area! Thanks for the info very interesting :+1:

Well, to be fair, there are… I have a base close to the Pagoda, and it’s one of my favorite areas for thrall farming, second only to the New Asagarth area.

In fact some times I spend a whole day of gaming just farming the Pagoda, and the small camps around it. You can get a lot of Fia (in fact I have a chest full of her now…), some Sranka Blacktooth (alchi, very rare), some Lissira(even more rare), Aisss (blacksmith, really rare), and a few Derketo Priests and rarely a High Priest.

In the wiki it says you can find named priests and dancers and others, but I must have gone there a hundred times and never found one of these. 500 hours in the game and I have yet to see a named Derketo Priest…

Also, I agree that Lemurians should have features more like the Hyrkanians. Most of them really look like Stygians or Zingarans in the game.

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I get Fia, Varkin Fleetfoot, Gnash the hungry and Roknori the unmerciful there a fair bit. I finally settled for an arch priest that spawned there about half hour ago.
I have been farming here for ages, never seen a t4 priest, accidentally let my thrall kill Aisss :disappointed_relieved:.
Which camps other than Pogoda and the two little campfires near it have Lemurians? Other than lower staging area (which says its lemurian faction but seems to house a mix of black hand and other assorted factions) as it doesn’t have named spawns at all according to wiki and I have personally never ran into any there. I would really love to know as it is also one of my favourite spots on the map and most def my favourite biome but suffers from a distinct lack of options (at least that I seem to be able to find :laughing:) when it comes to farming up thralls.

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There aren’t any other area than the pagoda and it’s surroundings to get Lemurians, AFAIK. I sometimes find Lissiras where those archers spawn by the cliff’s edge. And some named fighters. People often forget to look at a campfire behind a big tree, and another on top of a hill, both these are left to the Pagoda’s entrance. They are kinda hidden and off the path, so it’s easy to overlook them. These are where I find Sranka, priests and taskmasters, but not named Priests or taskmasters so far.

To make up for that, I farm Drifter’s Rest and the Black Hand camps nearby. I know they aren’t Lemurians, but they fill the ranks of my jungle base just as good. :wink:

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I might be wrong but according to lore they are fewer in numbers because some war w the god like creatures u meet in exiled lands

And most of the lemurians disappeared after that.

One person even speculated that they turned into all the imps u see & which is why u see some imps wear a “crown”

But let this race be an idea for a new map after siptah

Actually there is a note in the Exiled Lands that tells the origins of the imps. They originated from Darfari. You can find this note on some of the cliffs surrounding the Sinkhole, behind the Summoning Place, IIRC.

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