Leos Memecorner


So…I sometimes make quick memes and fast photoshops that pile up (until I start deleting some of the not so cool ones I don’t like that much).
And than I asked myself: Why not upload at least some of them. Well this is it: My meme/photo dump.
Add your own meme-creations if like, keeps stuff in one place.
Not the most serious community content but eh…it’S content I guess XD


If you don’t recognize the face, that is Bong Cha, the dragon handler how she looked like on her concept art:


I believe to remember that this meme became a desktop background for a dev…


This one even made it as a twitter post months back XD


A classic…simple elegant and always at hand to end a conversation…far less work than others but hey it worked.


I think this one needs at least knowledge of Neon Genesis Evangelion…


A new creation…already was asked where to find that particular grafitti XD [Spoiler]


Congrats…you now have a song in your head XD


A joke on the dragon intro XD


I love making stuff about devs more than making ones over the game…kinda XD


My personal take on the ‘McDonalds’ Meme from a while back:

It’s a bit bare but I didn’t want to mess with perfection. (Just replace ‘Children’ with ‘Bees’ for extra fun.)


Excellent stuff, Leogrim :slight_smile: I really like the spoof film posters :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it be funny if that actually worked?


Ya know, I did try awhile back to see if this just might work–was disappointed. :confused:


I warn you…I use it on any Conan post I find in the SWL forum…



I think this one got made when someone said pink cowboy andy…or so…already a week or two ago. My memeory isn’t that good D:


Everything is better with a little JoJo reference: