Let us mark other Clans as Friend/Foe/Neutral

Very new to the Forum so i dont know if this was mentioned before.

Who is meant, when giving the command to a Thrall to attack all enemies? All Animals? Every Player that is not part of our Clan? Human NPCs?

Why not implement an Option in the Clan Tab to mark other Clans as Friend, Enemies or Neutrals for every Member to see, and more important to help our Thralls to make their decision who they have to attack and who not.

So f.E if you were raided by Clan A set them as Enemies in the Clan Tab so the Thralls can attack them on sight. Clan B a allied Clan would had nothing to fear from our Thralls and come visit as they please and not have to dodge our Arrows.

(sry for my bad English as its not my mother tongue)

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