Lets get a Kambujan race

kambujan race please!!! I want to make a character based of an indonesian

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The character customization system already allows you to do this.

The ‘races’ have NO bearing on what your character is or what it can look like. They are merely presets. For example, you can choose Kushite or Darfari and then change the settings around to make them look identical to a Nordheimer.

yeah but it doesnt say kambujan

I’m curious about why this is important to you. Why does it need to say Kambujan? Is it a role-play thing?

I hope I’m not coming across as judgmental. I genuinely want to understand the purpose.

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I gave a like purely because I’m all for more options. :+1:t2:

Hyborian represents the many Hyborian races of which Kambujan most certainly is NOT one of. The closest thing you can do in the character creation screen is to chose Khitain if you want any form of “Asian” character (regardless if they are Khitain, Yamatai or Kambujan).

It would be much harder to make someone from Vendeyha or Uttara Kuru or even Afghulistan based on the “preset” races we currently have though I suppose modifying a Turanian would be … “best”?

As for your original comment:

I really think the only purpose they made “Hyborian” an option was so as not to have to add “Aquilonian, Nemedian, Argosian, Opherian, Kothian, Corinthian and Brythunian” all as separate races.


Vendhya is one of the choices, I have a Vendhyan character. And I think Afghul-type characters are covered by Tribal Himelian?

Maybe they are Indonesian or Thai ethnicity and want to play a Hyborian Age version of themselves? If so that seems more than reasonable to me.

I could pick Nordheimer and make it look like the Darfari preset and you wouldn’t know the difference.

In fact I could load the Darfari preset, save it in IQOL, load it as a Nordheimer, and it would be identical to a Darfari.

I could make a Kambujan character with any preset. Just like I could make an Atlantean, Acheronian, or Elf, Dwarf, or Catgirl. The customization available, even in basegame is pretty good. Mods make it exponentially crazy beyond even humanity.

OP hasn’t answered, and I was just making conversation. This is a discussion forum :man_shrugging:

As for speculating on whether they’re reasonable or not I was being charitable to them.

Didn’t you create a similar thread a couple of weeks ago, asking for exactly the same thing…

I’m confused.

(to be fair it doesn’t take much)

I mean, as I said before, sounds great, but let’s also include Yamatai and Khitan races too.

Uh… can anyone explain why my previous post was flagged?

I fail to see how it was any of that. Then again, I guess anyone can get offended over anything nowadays.

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Someone thought you were aggressively curious? :laughing:

I dunno. Some peeps get a little report happy. What you can do is edit the post, just add a sentence or something. It will unhide. If they flag it again, it will alert a CM who will unhide it if its not breaking any rules.

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