Kambujan Dlc/items

Just thought Iโ€™d throw this out there :joy: any chance we could get some love for the Kambujan race.

Maybe some new clothing outfits, like for example, some heavy, light, medium.

Be nice to have a little more to choose from other than one outfit. The race itself is an awesome race with not much love given to it.

Iโ€™d pay money for some sort of dlc or add on for this


I for one have been asking for this for years.


This one is still cleaning up the tears when Riders of Hyboria was Poitain rather than Hyrkanian.

There was a large thread in general chat about what DLCs people would like to see in the future. Not certain if it is locked yet.

Would you be willing to describe the gear and build pieces that would be in this DLC. What should they look like, what kind of architecture should hope for.

If this oneโ€™s memory holds, they were culturally inspired by Thailand/Khemer/Vietnam/Ankor Wat, yes?

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