The people demand more attention for the Kambujan race in this game!

…By “the people,” I mean “me.” And by “demand” I mean “I think it would be cool.”

Anyway I think that players should have the option to make Kambujan exiles and we should get a Kambuja-themed DLC.

First of all, what is Kambuja? While Kambuja was never really featured in any of Howard’s stories, the placement of the country to the southeast of Khitai, along with its name Kambuja, an old form of Cambodia, make it clear that the Kambujan people were intended to be the ancient precursors to the Khmer. And the Khmer had some pretty cool looking stuff:



Sure, the Lemurian architecture and armors already take cues from the Khmer, but that can easily be explained away by saying that the early Kambujans were influenced by Lemurian refugees who settled in the region after their continent sank.

So other than being fantasy-Khmer, what else do we know about Kambujans? Well, not much. All Howard really said was that it was a nation of powerful sorcerers at odds with Khitai, but that in itself would provide some neat character opportunities for the RP crowd. I mean put a Khitan exile and a Kambujan exile together and that’s like a guaranteed story of two enemies learning to work together to survive and overcoming their prejudices. Or killing each other. It could go either way.

Anyway I think Kambuja has the potential for some really cool stuff and yes I know we got that Kambujan shaman armor but it looked more like something out of a Heilung video so I’m ignoring it for the purposes of this post.

Give us more Kambujan stuff pretty please.

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