Let's Talk About Roleplay

Haha, this was my Siptah server 3 months ago.

It was actually a decent attempt. She dressed like a Darfari and spoke like a Darfari or at least like the other Darfari on this server but they asked her to take her mask off and they recognized her. She was pretending to be wounded and approached them for help.

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I’m a diehard REH fangirl. Grew up with his stories and no few of the old comics. My server, Black Circle, is hardcore based on REH. I hear/see people like you two and yet every server I’ve seen that isn’t totally casual, fantasy, or, yes, ERP-focused struggles with population. Including my own. Even though my players tell me all the time they love our rule set and premise and how rare it is to find. And yet getting players who will join a low pop server and help it become a healthy pop server, no matter how much they love everything else about the server, is a huge struggle.

I should add that there are actually a lot of good RP servers out there though. It’s like anything, it can just be hard to find your tribe.


What I really love about CE in an RP-context is the almost limitless possibilities for server owners and admins to create exactly the environment they want. Whether it is canon Conan, High Fantasy or anything in-between, it is possible.

Dungeons, plotlines, cities, notable NPCs; all there for the creation.

The variety of mods, some of which are of incredible quality, makes the possibilities even more diverse.
To me, CE will never get old or run out of content, as long as the possibility to create and tell stories on small and grand scales exists.

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It’s true that a very large part of the charm of this game, and what gives it its unique potential longevity, is its flexibility. I’ve seen successful D&D servers, Elder Scrolls based servers, servers based on Gor and a bunch of other different genres and settings. I’ve often said I long for a GURPS game like CE, one where you can tailor and customize your game from the outset with a huge variety of different themes. Right now, CE with mods is as close as it gets. So unlike some people, I’m not upset when people do just that. But I am in that small camp that came BECAUSE of Conan and wish there were more of us familiar with (or at least willing to get familiar with and be guided by) the work of REH.

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Will give your server a try, thanks.

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I’ve never done any video game roleplay but I did some play by post stuff a while back, and when I was “in charge” of a plotline I never told anyone their characters weren’t fitting in, I made an effort to adjust and accommodate. I’m not trying to say I’d make an amazing roleplay admin or whatever but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t make sure everyone on your server enjoys playing on it.

…Now if the player just sucked at roleplaying and kept stepping on people’s toes and all their characters were obnoxious creepazoids that nobody liked to have their characters interact with, that was a different story. Then we just all dumped on their guys and when they left we unceremoniously killed them all off.

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I like roleplay a lot and think there should definitely a subforum purely for RP purposes. I remember the old Age of Conan Forums had a subcategory for RP and back then there were still lots of roleplayers, they would all share their character background stories, real in-game stories with several players or other funny / awesome / sad stories.
That was really amazing, many people had real writing talent in my opinion and I loved reading through them.

In Conan Exiles I never roleplayed on a server, but I kinda try to do it alone in single player mode, mainly because I can’t find a fitting server and also because I can’t play PvP at all. I also sometimes can’t / don’t want to come online for quiet some time and that is kinda bad for a RP server.

The mod selection for most servers is another “problem” in my opinion; while I can totally understand why people like all kinds of elves, fairies and other high fantasy stuff for their Roleplay in mods, I personally don’t like it but most servers are using these kinds of mods.

Thankfully not all of them! My own server is VERY Howard-centric. But I get where you’re coming from. And while it’s actually kind of cool that people can take this platform and turn it into something entirely different to suit their own tastes I definitely came here BECAUSE it’s Conan. And, happily, I’m not alone!

I was also a veteran of the old Age of Conan roleplay forums and really enjoyed them. Wrote extensively about my Stygian necromancer, Panthera, long before the game even launched. And when it did finally launch I often got whispers asking if my character was “that” Panthera! LOL

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We run a PvE-C server with RP and PvP elements, this way we can have the best of all worlds but nothing is very strict. If you want to RP with people, we have that setup but its never been an all-consuming addition. It’s just another flavor to the base game. We also run the occasional RP event so it focuses on just that aspect without impacting any other game play. It’s been a great way for people to really get behind their respective characters so they have a bit more of a connection.

As for the mods, without them, a lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible. Yes, it definitely increases your load time and unless you’re running higher amounts of RAM some areas may take a moment to res in fully but it has added so much to the immersion of the players. I think this aspect alone is of value to both those who want the game more accurate to the books/world/canon and those who wish to tailor the experience.

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