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Will give your server a try, thanks.

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I’ve never done any video game roleplay but I did some play by post stuff a while back, and when I was “in charge” of a plotline I never told anyone their characters weren’t fitting in, I made an effort to adjust and accommodate. I’m not trying to say I’d make an amazing roleplay admin or whatever but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t make sure everyone on your server enjoys playing on it.

…Now if the player just sucked at roleplaying and kept stepping on people’s toes and all their characters were obnoxious creepazoids that nobody liked to have their characters interact with, that was a different story. Then we just all dumped on their guys and when they left we unceremoniously killed them all off.

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I like roleplay a lot and think there should definitely a subforum purely for RP purposes. I remember the old Age of Conan Forums had a subcategory for RP and back then there were still lots of roleplayers, they would all share their character background stories, real in-game stories with several players or other funny / awesome / sad stories.
That was really amazing, many people had real writing talent in my opinion and I loved reading through them.

In Conan Exiles I never roleplayed on a server, but I kinda try to do it alone in single player mode, mainly because I can’t find a fitting server and also because I can’t play PvP at all. I also sometimes can’t / don’t want to come online for quiet some time and that is kinda bad for a RP server.

The mod selection for most servers is another “problem” in my opinion; while I can totally understand why people like all kinds of elves, fairies and other high fantasy stuff for their Roleplay in mods, I personally don’t like it but most servers are using these kinds of mods.

Thankfully not all of them! My own server is VERY Howard-centric. But I get where you’re coming from. And while it’s actually kind of cool that people can take this platform and turn it into something entirely different to suit their own tastes I definitely came here BECAUSE it’s Conan. And, happily, I’m not alone!

I was also a veteran of the old Age of Conan roleplay forums and really enjoyed them. Wrote extensively about my Stygian necromancer, Panthera, long before the game even launched. And when it did finally launch I often got whispers asking if my character was “that” Panthera! LOL

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We run a PvE-C server with RP and PvP elements, this way we can have the best of all worlds but nothing is very strict. If you want to RP with people, we have that setup but its never been an all-consuming addition. It’s just another flavor to the base game. We also run the occasional RP event so it focuses on just that aspect without impacting any other game play. It’s been a great way for people to really get behind their respective characters so they have a bit more of a connection.

As for the mods, without them, a lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible. Yes, it definitely increases your load time and unless you’re running higher amounts of RAM some areas may take a moment to res in fully but it has added so much to the immersion of the players. I think this aspect alone is of value to both those who want the game more accurate to the books/world/canon and those who wish to tailor the experience.

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When I’m solo or on the server I rent with my friend, it’s hands down RP. Since PVP is enabled, it comes with its risks and we’re aware of that.
I am there … in that world … being my character.

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I’ve tried several RP private servers, and they all seem to shut down, or be loaded up with mods.

I would like Funcom to offer an official server (one of each type) with a “RP purist” descriptor tag. It wouldn’t have any moderation, it would just be a designation to draw folks interested in that type of game play.

You’ll always have players that will break character, but those could be treated as insane outsiders by the server pop.


Yep Age of Conan began with a healthy slate of RP servers and then when Craig Morrison came in he slowly killed every last one of them. FC does not therefore have a great track record with RPers. But I agree it’d be nice if there were official RP servers. I’d probably try one just out of curiosity!

Not a good track record as compared to who?

989 Studios/Verant/Sony Online Entertainment/Daybreak (all same company, just different names) made a RP server for EQ1, but made it a free trade server which caused the RP community to be drowned out. On EQ2 they merged one of the RP servers with a non-RP server, doing the same.

Blizzard probably did the best. They gave RPers several servers, both PVE and PVP and at the beginning, hammered people who targeted RPers for harassment. But they didn’t keep that, and now what server you play on doesn’t matter due to clustering.

Funcom on Age of Conan gave us an RP server. But it was eventually merged since many simply left for other games by that point.

SquareEnix with FFXIV and Zenimax with ESO do not even have RP servers. And other MMORPGs don’t have RP servers either.

Conan Exiles is probably your best bet for RP right now. And there is several reasons why. The RP servers are well policed so harassment doesn’t happen. An official RP server would be a wasteland of claim spam, harassment, and trolling.

And FYI, Funcom devs typically play on RP servers in their spare time when they do play the game. I won’t say on which servers to protect their privacy. But they’ve stated such (just not where) on livestreams in the past, so the fact is public knowledge.

They’ve also taken RP into consideration when making new content. Something most (if not all other) companies don’t do. Suffice to say, roleplayers have it well in CE.

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Morrison started merging the RP servers and then getting rid of them altogether LONG before the game was a ghost town. I know. I played AoC from day one and played for 3 years.

“Conan Exiles is probably your best bet for RP right now. And there is several reasons why. The RP servers are well policed so harassment doesn’t happen. An official RP server would be a wasteland of claim spam, harassment, and trolling.”

Wait! There ARE RP official servers?

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I believe that the Zendesk mechanism, if, the conversation or the effort of conversation with the “great” owners isn’t going to bring a solution, exist to work. So worry not for land claims or toxicity in official servers, now there is a solution about it :man_shrugging:. In official servers I met a lot of “great land owners” that were the kindest persons. Their builds were community assistance the most and their doors were always open (pve). Some others however were as toxic as their great build. Most of the times people who can’t handle the pvp world, come on pve to pvp bringing their toxicity with them. So, now they will be less and less.
I hope at least :man_shrugging:.

After all this time, I am still not entirely sure what “RP server” really means. I once tried to ask that question on these forums, but I asked badly, so the answers were interesting, but not really enlightening.

I remember looking at the server recruitment forums several times, but that didn’t help either. Way too many of these “RP servers” are “(E)RP servers”, and I haven’t been into cybersex since my teenage years on Achaea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The few non-E RP servers I looked at had some (IMHO) weird requirements, such as “you must have Discord and be willing to use the voice chat”.

So maybe if I ask here, someone will finally help me understand: what makes an RP server an RP server, in concrete terms?

I’ve seen a lot of that on official PVE-C servers: PVP players who come to PVE-C servers and act like total dicks. Some choice examples of “bringing PVP to PVE-C” include:

  • harassing newbs
  • ganking people who are simply working on building their bases, over and over until they log out
  • calling you names if you run away from a fight
  • building tons of claim spam

That said, PVE-C servers are weird in their own special way, because the vast majority of players on them tend to get extra-pissy if anyone fights them anywhere outside the player-built arenas with Battle Standards. That leaves people like me scratching our heads, because what’s the point of PVE-C in the first place, if you insist that all combat must be prearranged and consensual? That’s literally why Battle Standards were added, so that you can have your consensual-only PVP on PVE servers…

Maybe that’s what RP is supposed to be about? Would one of the defining characteristics of an RP server be “PVP is governed by a set of rules established by the admin”?


RP server quite simply means roleplay server. One roleplays by acting AS their character while they are playing the game and react to other characters they encounter accordingly. It’s really that simple. RP servers, especially in the land of private servers, can have all sorts of rules. The server owners, the folks paying the bill for the server itself, get to make those rules.

As to the dreaded ERP… Conan has full nudity. There are sex mods. Some of those mods ALSO do other, non-sexy, cool things. MOST private servers I’m aware of are 18+ because of the nudity and ERP is typically “Allowed but expected to be private between the participants.” In other words, don’t type your ■■■■ in the local or global channels! LOL It’s just understood that adult roleplay is going to happen, no one cares, and no one wants to know about it. Most private servers I am aware of ALSO state straight up that consent is king and NOTHING that is not expressly consented to is allowed to take place. Trying it is typically a fast way to get kicked right off a server.

As to PVP on RP servers, yes this is also usually governed by a server ruleset. So…hopefully that answers your questions. But if not feel free to hit me up on Discord at Alexandria#3035 .

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Oh it he didn’t slowly kill it. They just up and abandoned their own RP ruleset one day and stopped enforcing it allowing the toxic PvP griefers to do whatever they wanted regardless of what the rules for said servers actually said they should be allowed to do. This drove away probably 75% of the RP community in a very short period of time. They they just closed down all of the RP-PvP servers and merged them into pure PvP servers and drove the majority of those that stuck around away. Very few stayed and paid to transfer to an unofficial RP-PvE server since Funcom never bothered to actually provide one.

There were I believe 3 or 4 at launch. They didn’t merge them since many simply left for other games. As stated above they abandoned their RP rule set and turned them into a toxic wasteland and drove away the RP clans / players. Then since none of the PvP server could ever keep a healthy population they were merged in with them over and over again.


Well a lot of them have the discord thing so you can read and follow the rules. None of the ones I know require you to actively participate on discord though. Most actually require text based chat, not voice so I am confused by that one.


First of all, thank you for taking the time to try to satisfy my curiosity :slight_smile:

Heh. Just goes to show that I still haven’t learned to ask my questions correctly :smiley:

I know what “RP” stands for, but I was trying to understand the concrete expectations people have for an RP server.

I hope you don’t take offense if I explain that, in this case, this is too simple to be useful to me. Again, this is not meant as criticism directed towards you, just an explanation that the answer doesn’t match the question I wanted to ask (but failed to ask it properly).

No argument from me there. You pay the bills, you set the rules. If those rules don’t match my preferences, I am free to move on. I might comment on them from my point of view, but that does not imply any demand for you to change them :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not “dreaded”, at least not where I’m concerned. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, or with people engaging in it. I was just stating that I have zero interest in it, and don’t want to go to a server with it. Again, not because I’m criticizing anyone, not because I think it’s wrong, but because my free time is limited and I just don’t want to be in a situation where I have to spend a portion of that free time explaining that I really don’t want to do X, Y, or Z :wink:

It doesn’t, but that’s because I didn’t ask them correctly. Let me try to phrase it differently:

If Funcom were to add official RP servers, what would you expect them to be like?

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I was confused by it, too. Maybe I just had bad luck to look at the exceptionally weird ones back when I was looking. I didn’t really mean to imply that the small sample I looked at was representative of the whole, but I’m firing on half cylinders today, so whatever I write might come out even worse than usual :confounded:

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Idk if @Alexandria runs the ship solo over at the Conan Exiles RP discord or not, but it’s a great resource for finding servers and prescreening server expectations. Even if you aren’t an RPer it’s is a neat resource and they post cool things there. I’m not sure (or we’ll informed enough) if there is a “standard” RP experience that could translate to officials. I’d imagine you would need systems to implement what admins facilitate now.

Tell that to Balmung and Mateus lol.


I currently play on two different servers. One has a policy that if you engage in it, do it privately and not openly. The other one has a policy of “take it to discord DM’s”. Basically, if you are both consenting adults do whatever you want but that doesn’t mean you have to make others listen to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been on servers (though I have never stuck around them) that make you fill out questionnaires to list what you are willing to do or not do. I simply state “not interested in ERP”. No one bothers me that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason Funcom was able to have RP servers on Age of Conan was because they had a very set it stone rule set and they had active admins and Asurans who could facilitate certain things and bring in admins if it was beyond their ability. Conan Exiles is not set up for that so I don’t think they COULD make it work without the oversight. I suppose anything technically is possible… but I am not sure I would want to try it.