Let's Talk About Roleplay

So maybe I’m blind but I don’t see a Roleplay forum anywhere, which is discouraging. So, lacking that, let’s try to keep this thread alive! Please no RP bashing! So, what to discuss? If you already roleplay in CE what is it that makes you like it? Do you play on private RP servers or…? What do you look for in RP? What kind of characters do you like to play in RP? What do you dislike about RP in CE? (Keep it clean and don’t single anyone out ofr bashing please!) What can Funcom do to better support RP and RPers? Where do you find RP or where do you go to look for it? What’s been your best RP experience in CE so far?

And that’s just off the top of my head. So, talk away!


Mostly one thing, that all players are equal in terms of combat capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 1 lvl character or a 60 lvl character, do you play as a noble merchant or as a skilled fighter, you still have the same move set, you can equally use all weapon types and perform the same combos. The only difference is the damage output. This ruins a lot for me.

I wish there were more ways to deal with enemies. Stealth. Traps. Alchemy. Magic…

I get that completely. I think that’s why so many RP servers also implement character sheets and dice rolls but it can still be a tough balance to strike. Game mechanics only work a certain way and it’s tough to really individualize your character when it comes to combat. So what kind of things do you try to do to compensate for that?

@AndyB I’m just wondering… In “the survey that shall not be named” there were an awful lot of questions pertaining to roleplay. This seemed to indicate to me that Funcom is at least aware that a sizable number of roleplayers make up their player base. Yet…no RP forum? Is it possible one might be created?

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Survey aside yeah we love RPers for sure :smiley:

It’s certainly possible to create an RP subcategory perhaps under General; can’t commit to it right this second though. At some point in the future the General section needs a streamlining pass anyway - with the advent of the additional category layer, some of the existing categories may be redundant with what is now available in each specific platform’s section. Could fit it in then. This isn’t a guarantee of anything, but certainly will be considered.


Very much appreciated!

What a meme. I suggested a PvP category a while ago and the thread was closed because some rando PvE kids came in all toxic as per usual.

Every category is the PvP category. We all know the true endgame is forum PvP :kappa:


What I liked from launch day era of CE, and harder to find over time, is RP making an effort to stay canon to Robert E. Howard’s writing. Great that many RPers will take the time to read R.E.H.'s stories and essays, and build on those.

What I haven’t liked is the amount of divisiveness and demagoguery on issues which have nothing to do with RP, or CE even, that made their way into the RP community.

Private RP servers I have liked. Public, nah too much ego friction. Mostly look for canon RP groups. As for what Funcom can do to better support, not a lot really. Though do like things like the art and creative writing contest.


It’s possible I may know of some servers that would meet your requirements. Then again, you may already be familiar with CE RP .

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This would benefit more than just rp. Especially the stealth mechanics sound really fun to a pve practitioner like me.


I’m just enjoying turning one of my games into something different. Never tried to combine a storyline from a TTRPG and an existing game of any kind. I don’t make these games or program them so I have to play them the way someone made it, which is fine, I enjoy playing. It’s simply that the challenge and discovery of it all is rather exhilarating. Tweak this, change that, add a few mods and PRESTO! a completely different game!


The map of this game is an awesome setting. I really like the central desert of Exiled Lands. I like to play darfari, hunting along the river canyons.

Apart from all players being equal, it also focuses on the beauty of the map. Performance things of this game suddenly matter less.

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Yep. I run 3 different maps for my servers and I’m always just blown away by how beautiful this game is! Aesthetics matter a lot to me and really add to immersion. All bugs and glitches aside, Funcom nailed this.



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To be perfectly honest, PvP should have their own forum category. PvE-C should, PvE should, RP should. There really is no reason each section should not. I see no reason why PvP should not be allowed to have a section to discuss their meta’s and tactic and things like that. I say @AndyB get on that.


RP is one of those things that I find very interesting in theory, but with my usual playing schedule and general inability to be at all outgoing I’ve never actually had a chance to actually do it yet.

I did play briefly on a couple private RP servers, but I was never on at the same time as anyone else so I eventually got bored and left.

I haven’t gotten enough experience to have any real preferences in terms of content, so right now my ideal server would be lots of character customization and clothing mods + no Age of Calamitous.

My go-to character idea when entertaining the thought of trying to get into CE RP is a Khitan-born former mercenary raised among Hyrkanians.

Mostly the fact that whenever I decide I’m finally gonna get into RP for realsies this time and start looking for a server, it seems like nine times out of ten every one I find is either running AoC or focused on weird fetishy stuff that I am extremely not interested in.


All things to be considered along with the request of a Roleplay category. Again, General Discussion probably needs some streamlining in the future so it could theoretically fit under there, or we could consider a separate spot under each of the platform sections. This is more of a thinking-out-loud post than any promises, mind - same with the Roleplay forum considerations. But thanks for the suggestions!

Further suggestions or requests for forum categories or layout changes should go to its own topic now though.


This is why I gave up on RP.

I used to enjoy some RP until so many servers would introduce arbitrary rules around PVP and have so many server rules it was no longer fun to play.

That and having to fill out consent sheets and all this crap. Admins spawning ontop of me telling me I am not RPing properly, my character does not fit into their narrative or I can’t play with my friends on the server.

Admins dictating how I am supposed to have fun and play the game.

Most servers are /me this /me that, check out my huge orc dong, come into my bandage hut and let’s ‘RP’.

Ruins of the Storm was the last good RP experience I had when I was playing as a Savage Pict and was knocked out by a Darfari clan who dragged me to their prison and my wife disguised herself as a Darfari to rescue me, though the disguise failed and we both became enslaved.

We then later became friends with these players out of game too haha. Good times.


I’m imagining this involving a comically bad disguise and a “How do you do, fellow Darfari?” attempt at deception and now I want to see like a comedy RP server where nobody takes it remotely seriously.