Public servers flagged for rp

Ik now there are a lot of public servers for CE. I for myself have 2 “Problems” with them.

1st: where can i find ppl writing in my language ?
2nd: on which server is really RP going on?

Solutionsuggestion for 1st:
Publicservers with 2 or 3 languages marked. In this way ppl get an orientation which language is mainly on this server used. (don´t forget there are ppl who are not verry good in learning new languages)

Solutionsuggestion for 2nd:
RP Servers only appear in the list when you do search for the flag RP in this way an accidental non RP willing player wont even see the servers so he could not log into one. And the RPplayers can form seperated their own stories.


I never stumbled upon any server which featured roleplay other than private servers.
Also just call them RP instead of pve/pvp/pve-c… If they will be set up.

well you can search in the server list for rp pve , rp pvp… so basical Funcom did had an eye on the rp community, my idea is just to make it easier to find “fitting players”

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