Leveling Named Thralls

Has anyone noticed if the leveling rate of named thralls has changed since 3.0? I’m currently leveling Dalinsia Snowhunter, and it seems like it is taking forever for her to gain levels between 10 and 20. I have leveled dozens of thralls, and it seems as if the rate of XP acquisition has been tweaked a bit. Anyone else notice this? Thanks in advance for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends, where are you trying to level her?

Actually i use the jungle for alot of levels.

I have a pattern i run - Sep, Noob river, jungle and any undead area.

Warmaker and the cellar also

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Idk… it feels like berserkers level significantly faster to me. They use to be a slog, but now it’s like they’re much easier. Feels kinda like when it was double XP.


My main base is actually at the end of Noob River, so I do a lot of leveling in the jungle.

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When I’m leveling a new follower, I usually make it get its first couple of levels in the desert, with antelopes and scorpions, just to make sure that it doesn’t skip the growth bonuses for any level. Then I take it to the jungle to kill grey apes until its level 10 or higher, which usually takes only one circuit around Xel-ha. And then I take it to Unnamed City, where the skeletons give the same amount of XP as the grey apes, but there’s more of them clustered closer together.

With that in mind, I haven’t noticed any changes in the leveling speed. I haven’t yet gotten the Snowhunter in 3.0, but my new Cimmerian Berserker seems to be leveling just as fast as it used to.


Haven’t noticed a difference either
On exiled lands I literally do the same thing Code Mage does and hit up apes after the first few lvls then unnamed city at 10+

On Siptah i just go gung-ho and straight into vaults to lvl them after the first few lvls XD

I’ve leveled some Dalinsias and zerkers both since 3.0 they still lvl about the same though my clan mate swears its faster now


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