LF Group for specific Khitai Dungeons

Dungeons I’m looking to group up for specifically: Pillars of Heaven, Vortex of the Storm, Abyss of Kun Whu, Den of Crowmen, Jade Dugout.
HOWEVER, Tianan District is the main Dungeon I need, for the helm of wailing.

I’m a lvl 78 Conqueror on Crom, however, I am quickly hitting lvls so soon I can run the dungs. I have the master bundle armor (royal guard armor I believe), weapons and accessories. I usually play weekdays 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm GMT. I hope people could help me at least with Tianan, thank you in advance.

Is this your first toon, do you have experience in the game at lvl 80 content?

If not, let me give some general help: The dungeons you listet (propably because of gear that drops for a conq in them) have a wide range from kind of easy (Vortex, Pillars, Den) to harder (Abyss, Jade) to one of the hardest in the game (Tianan). In all of them you as a conq will be expected to tank, and if I am correct about the gear you said you have you are undergeared (master bundle, royal armor, is that T3 raid gear?) and under-aa-ed for every dungeon after “easy”. Even the “easy” ones are not the places to learn tanking, generally speaking. Hitting 80 and going straight to dungeons like Abyss, Jade oder Tianan is not the way the progression in this game works.

If I were you I would look for a decent guild, get the voice com they use, and look for some tanks who can teach you the strats and tell you what works at what level of gear and aa, and where to go to learn and gear up. Especially for Tianan you will have to look up the strats and mechanics in advance, because this dungeons contains a time run that makes it impossible to run it and teach at the same time.

Just on a side note: All the fun is happening on the Saga Server right now, I doubt you will find a lot of people who pug groups on Crom at the moment. Consider to start a toon on Saga an join the crowd!

Wait, why the hell am I forced into being a tank? I don’t even run as one. I think you mix tank expectancy with DT and Guardian. No way am I going to play a tank when Conqueror is just as good as a dps.

is what this most of people and for this we have like 2039842 conqs not tanking, also on saga.
in 6 men there arent so much spots free, expecially because are often need the AA.
Maybe you can leach if you are lucky and find a supertank, able to solo-tank, or a superhealer able to solo heal everything, but this could make all a bit more hard and why them should go there if them are ubergeared to can solo-tank and solo-heal everything and should do hard work for you?
Typical group (expecially for most hard place) need 2 tanks (tanking), 2healers (in AI District for example are usefull, cause AoE magic on everyone for example) 1 rogue and 1 mage (for the AA needed) so typically there is no space for one generic soldier DPS.
My question is, why people want be DPS but not roll a DPS class?

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The gear that you want from those is also wanted by people who ARE tanking …guard DT and conqs… so unless it’s two friends of yours who are blocking for you …the likelihood you will find a group with two soldiers who will be happy to share gear with a third person who isn’t even prepared to try and help share the burden of tanking is low…
My advice … learn to tank so you can get the d p s gear you want or roll a d p s class

Especially as it looks like you are after these items for vanity if I have correctly linked another post of yours to the instances you are interested in running. Pillars of Heavan, Jade dugout and T’ian’an are not often run …if you want to grind for vanity from there then you really will be better learning to tank and establishing your own groups.


So if I understand you correctly, you play your tank class with dps specc only. No way you you’re going to tank stuff… But your goal is to join a group and take the tank-loot that is there as a reward for the guy tanking, and dont even benefit you in a dps-specc.

What you said regarding tank-expectancy is kinda wierd. The only soldier dps set without hate-increase on it is indomitable set from T4. all other tank raid-sets ingame got hate inc or low dmg, if you want to play exclusively dps, you would pass on all the gear with hateinc on it in that case? I have a strong feeling you wouldnt.

Kwalya got a point. Its a fact that these dungeons are played very rarely, I would say only 5-10%~ of the current playerbase can do tianan since its much harder then the usual raidfinder / flame,vortex,palace loop this game it about these days.


You play as DPS and you want to steal all the tank loot? Makes sense.

Also, no ones gonna take you to any groups with that attitude.

The easiest way to get the loot from those dungeons is becoming a strong tank yourself so you can solotank them. That way it will be easier to form groups for rarely run dungeons like T’ian’an and Jade Dugout and there will be nobody else rolling on the items you desire.

Some of those dungeons are considered hard with a good groupsetup and will be even harder when replacing a dps slot with another soldier.

Good luck!

Finding groups for these dungeons might be very hard until May 15th since the Saga Server is sucking up all the players right now.

The class system in AoC works different than it does in other MMOs, you got the 4 archetypes that define what kind of character you play, Priests will always need to heal, Soldiers will always need to tank (well in 95% of all cases) and Mages / Rogues are there for DPS (in HM dungeons they get additional tasks to fulfill while DPSing). Playing a Conq purely as DPS is “wrong” when you want to do group stuff, as some people already said: You normally always need 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 DPS, adding a 3rd tank will make the loot distribution harder than it needs to be especially for tanks since all 3 soldier classes roll on the same items whereas only 2 of the 3 healer classes need the same gear in HM dungeons. Adding the “moral factor” to that you get to the point : “you don’t tank therefore you don’t deserve tank items” - and I kind of agree with that since as a DPS player you don’t need tank gear but it’s also very bad rolling on barb gear while barbs can only use one set of armor (well, in most cases).

When forming a group you can make an “agreement” that you would like to have certain items if they drop so they pass on them if they agree with that, many people have better gear on Crom anyways and if they are “only” the blue items they are mostly useless for a lot of people anyways.
However if you want the special epic items it will be a lot harder to get these “for free”, like wanting wisdom rings as DT in the Slithering Chaos dungeon while having a PoM and a ToS in your group, they will most likely leave the group and you wont quickly find new healers that agree with you rolling on them as a DT.

You wont really find lots of groups as DPS conq, you should try tanking, even as offtank where you don’t need to do the main job but still need to be active to switch aggro in risky situations.

I see this misconception (especially) in RF far too often: “I signed in as DPS so I can’t tank!” - that’s not how it works, if I sign in as DPS while playing a ToS, does that mean I am unable to use my healing spells?

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Yeah I get the idea behind. At most I might try to at least run as a hybrid or something. But yeah, the items I’m hunting for are all blue. As for epics…well I will let luck decide there.

If you have enough loyality points from being premium you can claim a second spec on your conq so you can have 2 specs. One for tanking (with 2 handed sword and both bubbles) and one for DPS (dual wield and so on). It’s possible to tank “easier” bosses as DW-Conq but bosses in Khitai will demolish you in seconds if you don’t have at least blue Khitai gear for some critigation.
If you want to be fully able to tank as DW-Conq you will probably need T4 gear (or even better). Grabbing aggro as DW-Conq isn’t that much of a problem, a buffed Whirlwind that crits can easily grab aggro with some +hate however, surviving the aggro of a boss is the main problem since you are missing the best feats for taking hits.

Well, I got my second spec today, made it into a tank. Now I just gotta find a group it seems.

As I already said, the Saga Server is still going and most people are there, finding a random group in global chat will be very hard, you should definitely join a guild. A guild can also teach you the tactics, most of them are pretty easy (besides Jade Dugout an T’ian’an District, those need a bit more coordination).
I don’t know how your gear looks but I guess since you are a fresh level 80 Conq it wont be that great so main tanking wont be possible, offtanking however is totally possible, switching aggro and activating one of your bubbles if you get too low is probably enough to let the other tank recover a bit and then take over again.

A guild will help you with all that (well, they should, teaching new players is something most guilds do), learning how to tank, the dungeon tactics and so on. And they will probably even let you join as DPS if they got 2 good tanks and want to show you how the dungeons work, you just gotta talk with them how you are going to distribute the loot, don’t just need on everything, talking is one very important thing when playing as a group and many people forget that.


Thanks, helped quite a lot. I will look around for a good guild and hen see how it works out.

Depending on how fast you can level and if you really want to level another character at this point since you just started but just by getting to 80 and doing one raid finder (very easy even for new players) you will get a full set of Teir 1 armor, a Teir 4 cloak, and a Teir 6 necklace. And probably enough tokens to buy a piece of Teir 4 armor. The saga server is going for about another 2 months and then all characters are transfered to crom with all the gear you collected. It’s a real nice way to get caught up if your just starting the game or coming back. Plus once you get to claim another cloak and necklace on a 2nd character once the server closes in May if you complete that part of the saga quest.

I already have a DT in Saga, but I am not even sure I will touch it at all…lvling right now feels like poison.