LFM Pillars of Heaven


LFM Pillars of Heaven Dungeon either tomorrow (2:10pm-5pm GMT), Thursday or Friday (9am-5pm GMT)

Need 2 tanks, 2 healers (preferably at least 1 PoM) and 1 rogue. AA, and Gear needed. EXP is optional but preferred.

Hopefully, the items drop early and it won’t be too many runs.


Are you on Crom or Fury Garrus? :slight_smile:


Aren’t you that conq who refuses to tank, but wants to loot tank loot for his vanity collection?
Also, there is a cd on the dungeon once you killed a boss.

It would be much easier for you to learn how to tank, get some friends, preferably a healer and second tank, and build a group via global.


Fury is dead? :thinking:



Look, if you will be commenting on that then don’t comment at all. It seems to be a trend of people on forums hating more than those ingame. If you got issues with how I play, don’t post on my threads. I find it quite rude when people comment about my playstyle when I didn’t ask about it.


I did not hate, I gave people you want to play with information you forgot to mention, and honest advice, because as you know by now most people find your playstyle quite rude. Getting people to help you without telling them you will not fullfill your classes role, but will loot tank loot while not playing as a tank ever is rude.
Of course you do not want people to comment on that.
I am just saving peoples time and nerves, telling them what they got themeselves into befor their kindness gets exploited by you.


“DPS tank” is top kek.


Me and the guildies would help you if you were on Fury! :slight_smile:


I would probably go there, but I’m guessing it costs a lot to move servers.


Just for a dungeon run I wouldn’t pay for a server transfer (costs 600 points for one transfer and has a 30 days cooldown), unless you want to stay there and do PvP.


Yeah no sadly. I am trying to host the dung. But I guess I will have to keep on trying.


I’ll try to keep an eye on the chat (I suppose you will still search global chat?) if I am online during that time so i could help out, though I can’t promise anything since I often come online very randomly during the day and not at fixed times.


Would love if some genius could merge Crom and Fury (merging the playerbase) and implement a selectable Open World PVP-area on all the zones. :slight_smile:


Yeah I guess all we can do is keeping banging on about it and hope funcom takes some action. Population of the servers is just not healthy.


I know people have asked for this for years! :smiley:

It would solve a lot of problems imo, if some Elon Musk-esque Funcom genius would emerge and come up with a solution.


what about this : create a rune or something that makes players immune to any attacks from another player and merge everything to a pvp realm. no extra instance needed \o/


That’s a really good idea and probably the only practical solution. A free claimable rune for everyone and default all Crom areas to PvP, merge with Fury, profit.


A PVP on/off button, in the form of an activatable Rune Conan-style! I like it! :slight_smile:


sounds like a good idea :slight_smile: But I hope they can make it as a third rune being active together with the current major and minor runes.
Also, If funcom decided to go this way, then I seriously hope that they bother to test it. because if you got all the crom people stuck on a pvp server for like a week or more until funcom can bug fix whatever exploit or just any bug related to such a rune, then you will most likely see a single truly dead server.

Because the crom regulars won’t play until such a thing is fixed. :slight_smile:


Nice idea, would be crucial to have a really long cast time (10ish seconds), so people cant bubble and cast the rune while being in combat.