LF Specific Server (New Player)

Hi All,

I am a new player, that found this game years later than I should.

For some reason it is very badly advertised…

First of all I want to point out how hard it is to find a proper server, due to various whitelists, toplists and in game poor filters, that actually can show different results 0.o

Last two days, instead of enjoying the game I’ve spent searching for a fun server, and not sure if I found any good tbh.

I am searching for a server, that has all what I love, or at least is as close as possible (and has online), and I need some help.

I would love to see a PVP oriented server, with normal pvp, Raids and so on. If there is magic and RP attached to it it would be great. Custom Stats and low rates (so it’s more of a hardcore than get max level and just go forth and die, type of server)

Is there any recommendation what servers should I look for to get that, or get as close as possible, or at least have cool PVP with people and bigger online?

Also, what do expansions grant you? do you need them to connect to servers? do you see servers that got expansions? Am I crippled by not having them, as someone might have better items with them?


Great response hehe. It seems that it was the wrong game beeing late in playing, most games are affected passing 5years tbh. It doesnt seem dead but its either Hardcore/tryhards that passed 5years anniversary or some casual on his life adventure trying every game on Xbox gamepass wich i fall under in this case. Liked the game and quickly bought the siptah dlc along with blood and sand. But the poor decisiong making getting the dlc at GamePass has led too beeing forced playing alone with no option to enjoy the modders hardwork.

Im sorry that i got in rant mode not answering the question. For the sake of trying ive also tried too gain knowledge about servers, seems too be some smaller Role playing groups operating on some invite only servers that im sure youll get if thats your style, other than that it doesnt seem too more too it than filter most players on top and take the preffered map/mode.

On expansions its all cosmetic, ecept the siptah dlc wich include a map. And there is a dlc including an armor beeing strong, you might wanna have it if youre set on becoming an Hyborian legend 5 years late!

As you surely figured stuff out much before i entered the scene heres link too different forum thread focusing on stuff were on about. As im denied spamming ■■■■■ links and so on in the forum youll have too search for “community-newcomer-guides” wich seems too be a job well done by a veteran

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