Light RP PvE-Conflict server looking for new blood

Our server, named: A Knight to Remember, is seeking groups and solo players to join the community. We have a small handful of quality of life mods to hopefully change up the flow of the game somewhat, including new building types and crafting recipies for armor, as well as a slightly increased chance for T4 thralls to spawn (vanilla stats would spawn at 2%) and of course, the legendary Pippi mod! (all linked on the discord)

Admin will also be working on adding portals and NPC shops, too.

PvP will be on in the evenings when most people are home and able to defend themselves, and it will be active even longer during the weekends.

The point of this server is to be a challenge, but not so hard that it’s frustrating or unfair. To this end, NPC damage balances may occur regularly to test what meshes best with the mods and ensure a challenging (but not impossible) fight for all!

We’ve just got the server up and running, and as we tinker with learning our way around we may end up hosting events or adding new things! Come join our Discord and see what community we can make!! (just add the https:// before the word discord) All mods used available in the Discord.