(PC) Crooked Lances looking for RP-like players

We, the Crooked Lances, are currently looking to fill the slots on our private dedicated server.

We have a PC ENG private server and looking for more people to join it.
My pals and I want to build it up to be a pseudo PvP-RP game-play which would require some awesomely dedicated people.
What we have in mind is planned PvP fights in a Gladiatorial arena I just finished building, where you face off against other players for in-game currency managed by the only mod we have on the server, Pippi.
That currency can be spent on kits you can purchase, such as high end building materials and weapon kits, hard-to-come by materials such as bark, and even permanent stat boosts!
You are also awarded a payday every 8 hours just for being on the server and earn that in-game currency even when offline.
The better the player on the server, and the more you interact in the upcoming events, the more you earn.

If you are interested, shoot me a message!

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I am a new adult player that would love to join. is there a discord?

Yes, we do!
If I can ask just a few short questions, Firstly, what type of server are you looking for? (I.E. Roleplaying, PvP, PvE, etc.)
Secondly, would you be interested in running your own clan or joining in with our current clan?

I am not really that picky. I just want to play with other people! But i would say pvp and or role playing and i would love to join a clan not necessarily run one myself but i could if needed too.

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Awesome! Add me on Discord: PwninTaNoobs#1983 and send me a message!

Do you have an active playerbase on your server? I’m looking for RP-PvP server you described with “planned wars” and gladiator style fights in arenas or coliseums to fill my RP needs.

We are trying to gain a bigger playerbase, so right now, it is just us three admins plus one other. Our server is a 20 player base right now, until we get more on and we can expand further.