Linux Support for Funcom Dedicated Server Launcher

I know that it is technically possible to run the FDSL on Linux OS using the program called Wine, and similar applications. However, to the surprise of no one, it has many varying degrees of stability/functionality and it’s not supported.

I would just want to throw it out there that I am much more comfortable with Windows 10, and also macOS. I know there are a lot of people who have been swearing by Linux in it’s various forms for decades as far as being an optimized/efficient, secure, and customizable OS.

I have recently had to learn a little bit more about hardware and software compatibility, hardware specs and optimization, etc. I am in no way even close to being even remotely proficient, but it’s been fun and interesting to learn the little that I have.

Again, not news to anyone I am sure, but while looking into some new hardware for a dedicated server that I am renting from a host, I found that the potential for the CPU I want to use can only really be actualized in Windows 11 or, more recently, Linux due to it’s nature of core hybrid-architecture. Even still, with Windows 11 (and just windows in general) issues with bloating and optimization, constant updates, and other disadvantages, the CPU has significantly better benchmarks when used with Linux.

It just got me thinking that it would be really great if as private server owners we could have compatibility between the Funcom Dedicated Server Launcher and Linux so that the game servers could be run in as optimal of an environment as possible.

I’m not a programmer, or a techie so I don’t know if based on how the FDSL was developed if that would ever even be a possibility in it’s current state, but it would be great!

P.S., don’t take this as a complaint. I love the game, and truly enjoy running a server, and it’s because I enjoy it that I even dream up ideas of ways it could be better, nor care enough to write a discussion post about it lol. Just having fun learning and talking with people about stuff lol

If the articles lately about MS testing ads in Explorer are true, it wouldn’t be far fetched to see a ton more Linux users.

Wow, I hadn’t even seen that one yet. Looks like that was just made more public within the last couple of days. As if we aren’t already swimming in enough advertisements 24/7. Let alone having everything from daily conversation, to text messaging and computer activity constantly tracked and selling all of our data to advertising agencies.

I would have to agree with you 100% that depending on how far they are willing to push the limit on that advertisement “feature”, Linux will definitely see an influx of migrants.

To add to this. Chrome OS is getting Steam here soon so it may be beneficial to figure out a Linux version to snag all of those Chrome OS folks that got adopted duriing the lock downs…just sayng.

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Another great point!

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