Switching to Linux...official servers

I have a Windows 10 machine with a 3080ti. I have no interest in upgrading to Windows 11 and decided to switch to Linux. I’ve had Linux servers and desktops before, but never for gaming.

It seems all the games I want to play are very playable on Linux now thanks to the work being done to make the Steam Deck viable.

The only exception is the official servers for Conan Exiles. Has anyone gotten this to work on a linux machine (official servers, not just the game)?

Will they ever make it available? Will Dune work on Linux? I am making the switch this month, and I would hate to loose Conan and potentially Dune.

I know I could duel boot or use a virtual box, but I am making a clean break from Windows, and there is enough content on Steam for me to adjust to different games.

Dedicated Server works fine on Linux - have had it running for ages - it’s done using wine and full info is here https://conanexiles.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup:_Linux_and_Wine?so=search

The tricky part from what I understand is getting BattleEye to work under a Linux environment. I’ve heard of people claiming this can be done, but I haven’t seen any resolutions myself.

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