Dedicated Server Update to newest Version

Hello I set have setup a dedicated server at a linux/wine with steamcmd as described in the article of the conan exiles wiki.

How do I get the newest version of the game now?
When i do the update process as described in the wiki (app_update 443030) I only get an outdated version of the game.
In the Server logs it says: NotifyControlMessage: Client connecting with invalid version. LocalNetworkVersion: 1990952536, RemoteNetworkVersion: 2013505338

Hey there,

Unfortunately, very few users play on Linux. It may take a while before you get an answer. You could try searching online for one in the meantime.
Toolguy, who works on the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.2 / Beta: ----), has mentioned in the past that Linux users have issues with this as well, so you’re not the only one.

See also: Cancelled features for information on Linux support.

Servers and clients are completely different things. Many game servers run on Linux, while clients are running on Windows OS.
Moreover, Linux is quite capable of running the CE server as its client - using to the well-known “Wine” windows emulator. This process is well documented everywhere, and I invite you to check this :slight_smile:
On our side, we have been hosting a CE server for years, but it is no longer functional since the last update: the ports no longer seem to open, although no changes have been made at the system or network level on our Linux distribution.

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