Linux Dedicated Server?

Currently I self-host a few servers on my own hardware. I run Linux Dedi instead of Windows because it runs about 10% faster, and is way more efficient than anything Windows can do. (Not to mention that it’s more secure, easier to control, ect. ect.)

I’ve had a few people asking me to host Conan or Rust, and between the two, I’d prefer to host Conan. Unfortunately, I’m not that interested in running it via Wine or in converting the box to Windows just to host one game. (Truly it’s not due to any lack of resources, it just seems like a really stupid idea.)

Some research showed that a true Linux dedi was promised, but I’m unable to find any evidence of it existing outside of some posts saying that PingPerfect is using it.

With all of this in mind, what are your experiences running the dedi in Wine on Ubuntu? Does it take a huge performance hit? Is it a pain the the ■■■ to maintain with each update?

@SylenThunder could you please DM me the reference’s url if possible, so I am able to add a note to the wiki?

EDIT 2: a note about the linux version that was planned has been added to the wiki:

Had another question as well. How does the DLC work with the dedi? Are the packs based on player purchases, or will I need extra copies?

The DLC is player base and not server specific. It’s coded into the base game but only accessible to craft if the DLC is purchased by the player. (Players who do not own the DLCs can use items if given them … they might not be able to pick up the placed items like chairs etc but they can put them down I think. They certainly can use the armor, weapons and be given totem-war paint altered pets)

I run conan exiles server by wine inside docker on my own ubuntu server.
If you ask my recommendation, I’d say NO, don’t do it.
You will encounter the strange out of memory fatal error while players has big buildings, it’ll require to restart the game server to recover it.
This issue still exists even with wine4.0-rc*. I’m looking forward the fast buildings loading patch from funcom can ease it.

But when it comes to maintenance, it’s so easy to maintain. You can find docker for conan exiles server on the Internet/github, and the docker do everything for you, including game update checking, server alive checking, server restart, etc. My clone even provides mods, discord, and chatting bridge integration.

But bear in mind, when players start to build big buildings, server will have to be restarted frequently it depends how many players visit the big buildings.

Hmm, that’s an odd one. I’m not planning on using Docker, and unless the client has a limit to RAM usage I should have about 50GB available for it.

This doesn’t seem to be a common issue. At the same time, what we are doing isn’t apparently very common either.

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