Sever OS Requirements?

Hello All,

I’m trying to spin up a Ubuntu 20.04 server to host my Conan Exiles server. Is this even feasible or does the host need to be Windows?

I have read about people having a lot of problems running a dedicated on linux, but perhaps you know what your doing and can get it going. If you are not great with linux maybe try it in wine. Here is some detailed info as well as a windows download that may help you get it running either way. Best of luck and welcome to the forum. :sunglasses:

Hey thanks. I was thinking of using Wine since I only have a .msi file. I was wondering if there was a debian based installer available. If not I’ll use a Windows Server 2016 VM I have spun up.

I am not aware of any debian based installer. I think, short of compiling your own, the best option is probably wine. Best of luck.

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