List of Current Issues and Bugs

  1. Servers are very unstable. Two servers I play on have been up and down like yo yos.

  2. Several times over several gaming sessions, I’ve lost the ability to activate items equipped to hotbar slots 1 through 4. The only solution is to drag to inventory and back then to different slots, seemingly randomly till slots 1 to 4 work.

  3. I dragged some silk from inventory to station very quickly and lost it. No, it was not dropped. There was no bag.

  4. I have several times loaded the game on the server and appeared inside a foundation or storage box. It’s a poor gameplay experience to have your character spawn in like that. Only solution was to take off bracelet to die and go to spawn point.

  5. Derketo’s religious dagger is not working to harvest corpses. Very significant bug as it means that religion is completely not working.

  6. In battle with Shalebacks and other early level monsters, several times I’ve become stuck unable to dodge, and not due to be knocked over or in a heavy combo. It’s like my character model is superimposed on the creature’s. That also happened multiple times during gameplay before the latest patch.

I was also unable to gather flesh with Yog Cleaver.

…I was also wondering. I thought that equipped armor was figured into encumbrance. Today before making a climb I unequipped my armor set into my inventory and I became overburdened. Did not used to work that way.

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A few other things I noticed on the Private non-modded Server I Play:
Unable to mine Brimstone with steel pickaxe. Everything else minable.
Some time when I drop a Thrall he really Drops as in off the face of the world. No Corpse to loot. “Poof” he is gone!
Swords not showing up in Sword Display Decoration.
I have 2 planters Side by Side and It is extremely difficult to access one. It seems the area that you target is too large and you can only get the one slightly closer to you.

It’s human harvesting that’s broken. I fell from the top of my base while building it, so my corpse is laying there in what I would consider my “living room”. I can’t place anything down where my corpse is, and I can’t use a pick/axe/cleaver/anything to remove my corpse.

So it’s not technically religious items that are broken, it’s human harvesting, which in turn makes it so religious tools can’t be used.

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Almost hate to do it but I should list not only the bugs I dislike but the ones that I :heart: When encumbered I can swim fast. I do not think that is working as intended.