Long list of complaints

**online official server 1516 constant and long list of bugs
**Type of issue:**crash
Server type: pve conflict 1516

[keeps crashing non stop

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.log on the server?
3.get booted out
4.server is down
5. wait 4 hourts untils its back and runing

bug 2
1- ressource not harvestable.
2- kill or mine something
3- mine or harvest something
4- move around the thing you are mining or harvesting
5- after 19 turns around the object you are harvesting you get loot

bug 3
1- my ressources in my furnace keeps avanishing.
2- shove 1000 stones // iron ores
3- light it up
4- 3 hours later i come back with 31 bricks// or iron bar left
5-1000 rocks does not = 31 bricks//iron bars

bug 4 slave wheel

1- i built a slave wheel 3 days ago
2- i used twice
3- yesterday after server down the wheel has vanished

bug 4
1- snowstorm and graphic
2- got killed during a snowstorm
3- ran back to my corspe//grave after the storm
4- corpse is under a mountain
5- i cant lift a mountain
6- why is my corpse under a mountain?

bug 5 fps randomly dropping
1- play the game on medium setting with a geforce 1070
2- see my fps go from 60 to 10 all the time
3- have to stay still ot not get any fps drops

bug 6
over heating
very good rig to play the game
play at more than medium and my pc over heats andshuts down

Why do you feel the devs will ignore your post?

Number 2 could be related to this entry on Trello.

Number 5 could be related to the stuttering issue going on. Link to the thread about that is here.

Number 6 is all you and your machine. If you post your full PC specs, run some software diagnostics and stress testing while monitoring temps, the community will be happy to help to determine your problem.

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my specs are posted on another thread in general topic let me find it…if the siute allows me to

windows 8
i7 6th
16 gig ram ddr3
h110mc-d3 board
ge force 1070 8 vram 4k and vr ready NOT OVERCLOCKED, placed this in case someone wants to say soemthing about it.
Antec GX500 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with 7 fans
27 inch screen 1920x1080 and if i want better image i can switch to my 43 inch 4k screen.

also because out of experience from other games since uo to games in 2018, rarely seen a reply from a dev so i have very little faith.

Re bug 3 - does the event log give any information about items being picked up from your furnace?

Re bug 4 - does the event log give you any insight into what happened to the wheel?
had you checked with a repair hammer the decay time on your thrall wheel?
I am aware that wheels placed directly on the ground have a short decay time.
When I recently put a wheel near Sepermeru I had to not only build a foundation base under my greater wheel of pain but also a small house on the foundations to get the decay timer up to maximum.

i will be able to tell you all about it if the 1516 server eventually gets online… one day maybe…idk how long it will take… it crashed at 27 players like 2 hours ago now its at 3 players.

also from my understanding, on 1516 you cant pilfer through other players stuff even during pvp hours. so when th server evacuates the last 3players being linkdead inside the game i will be aebltto tell you after it rebooots…

I’ve been reading your and others complaints about the frequent crashing of that server (and a couple of others)…I do hope it can be properly resolved soon. Other than doing something else, the only thing you can do re: server 1516 is continue to fill out the online forms for reporting servers … the one on the screen that lists available servers and the google-doc link from these forums … not sure if they are the same or different…as at the moment is out of office hours for the community management team.

great new the last 3 got booted out now to see if it will restart soon

the server crashed and restarted at 16h56 east time, 9 pm and just now. if i have to start screenshotting my stations before i leave the game it going to be chaotic in here. i left at 4pm after having talked about 500 coals that a player wanted to sell and after putting a troll back in his place and left with my 2 stations loaded
wheel of pain decayed, i’ll strike that one out

Do you know how to monitor and report temps for your various components? How to stress test with prime 95 and 3dmark? Do you use a custom fan profile for your GPU (if you don’t, you should). What’s your CPU fan? Power supply?

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even if oyu tell em that my rig coudl be at cause, i aint buying it.
main reason being : name me ANY game and i will run it no issues from vr to rig chewing games i can take it on but this one past medium setting it gets my pc to overheat and i am NOT the only one facing this problem. i had it tested 1 month after buying conan exiles and had many overheats and my right came out clean from the tests.

If you don’t want to troubleshoot at all and blame something else, that’s your choice. I asked the questions I had because I wasn’t sure of your tech skills and experience and needed to know before diving in. I won’t bother you further.

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There’s no way a 1070 should have problems running Conan. I have a 970 and it runs the same resolution with no complaints. Maybe its your CPU?

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would have gotten a tesla v100 but…

I use a 1080, factory built. Currently my GPU is running 38-42% with Chrome, CE, Excel and a few other minor apps. CE is mostly on high, with View at ultra and grass off (to see plants), but before all the talk about stuttering, it was straight ultra.

With the game in the forefront, it shows 57%. That’s now.

A few days ago I had task manager open for another reason and flipped through the performance tab and was shocked to see 88-92%. I only saw the high usage once, and I check my task manager right regular. Something was ‘amiss’ in CE, but just one time.

The GPU load is the second thing I check when I see stuttering in a game.

This is just for reference, but is the overheating constant, or intermittent?

only when i play above medium. other than that the game never turns my pc into a bonfire. thats why i say its weird.

i can play virtually anything at max settings and nothing happens but in exiles above mediuma nd i could probably makes the oven from hells kitchen look like toy r us tools

I play another game that has been around many years. If you are wandering in the wilds, it uses almost no resources, but get near a cluster of players homes, especially ones that have built up over the last 12 years and the fans kick into high gear. Every single little crafted object adds to the load.

So I wonder what your server is like? Is it a busy server with a ton of player structures, pets and thralls, packed into a local area? If you jump into a single player game and go out into the wilds, well away from your structures and pet/thrall army, how does your computer do with heat on ultra? This could give us a clue.

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server 1516

We are aware of some servers experiencing issues lately and we are currently investigating the cause for that.
Regarding bug #2 it does seem related to another issue we are currently investigating as well of being unable to harvest or damage entities during certain times in some servers.
Regarding performance issues, we are actively tracking this problem in this thread:

Any info you could provide that we asked in that thread would be highly valuable (including dxdiag and video feedback with stat unigraph enabled).
Regarding the overheating issues, that seems to point out to some issue with the system configuration, as @Multigun kindly pointed out.

And we do not ignore complaints nor feedback.

Happy new year.

A server card? lol Well, it might give you lower temperatures.