Little Wonder about next update

I was wondering how gonna exactly work the taming stuff.
Will we have to go inside a dungeon to learn the news recipes ?
Will it had horses ? In Conan they rides horses but I have don’t seen any so will they had new creatures ?
And which creatures can we pet ? Can we pet a few of them or can we latter go on taming mamoths and dragons ?
And can we drag slaves on mount ?

I think mounts will have to wait… very long time.
The way is running the servers now, with all bug, lag and so, if you add mounts to travel more quickly … server will go to the drain…
I think tamming hyenas, wolf and so, is good… tamming a dragon? While I support you, I think the same as mounts , we all will have to wait.
I prefer they fix the lag, rubber banding and so, when servers is more stable, go on with mounts, ridding a white tiger is so cool …

If I understood their explanation correctly on one of the Dev streams, mounts aren’t likely to happen in this game. Don’t quote me on that, but it didn’t sound like it was possible.

Weird from I what I read it seem they will add this to.
And I don’t know about servers but I run the game on solo PS4, sometime coop and it goes perfectly smooth. Even when sandstorm or gods happen.

it usually does, however my solo base is so large (easily about 3-4% of the entire map & 5times the size of teliths island in the highlands)

and sometimes when im inside one if the keeps on the central staircase, as soon as i hit sprint the lag kicks in and then the game crashes.

its on xbox one tho.

still if you d build a fortress & city that large in minecraft youd go crazy from the lag. the funcom developers have my respect for keeping the game playable while such large and detailed structures dot the landscape. (in a solo game)

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