Live Streaming Warning: DMCA Take down

Hello Everyone,

A warning if you stream the game (any game): Twitch has been sending copyright strikes and take-down notices for playing music on stream. This means that you could lose your channel, or get banned from the platform. Please see the Twitch’s DMCA & Copyright FAQs for more information.

I read through Funcom® Video Use Policy and although we are allowed to live stream and make videos, the music is NOT licensed/transferred to streamers or YouTubers.

A Note on Music- There are times that Funcom licenses music from others for inclusion in our games. These licenses only cover use by Funcom, which means music labels/companies that have automated systems in place may flag a copyright issue on any video featuring a track. If you believe your use was flagged incorrectly, please let us know but be aware that we cannot always assist in these matters.

Both Twitch and YouTube suggests muting the in-game music, to avoid issues with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and similar laws worldwide.

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