Screenshots and the European Copyright guide lines Article 13/17

Hello funcom @Community Team,

I post this here but it also concerns other funcom games (like Conan Exiles in my case) where we all love to make and post those screenshots we take in the games.

The European Copyright guide lines Article 13/17 is European law and will be enforced from 2021 on. That means a lot of lawyers will crawl out of their holes to bust Users for licence or copyright violations, and send those adhortatory letters and cease-and-desist orders, which can easily cost from a few hundert €uros to several thousands. Another private forum I am active on is purging User Avatars and posted pictures grande scale to avoid potencial, and costly lawsuits. If people want to keep their pictures they have to prove they have permission to use them by the creator or copyright owner.

To be on the safe side, for myself and all other European Users (unwitting or not):
Does funcom give permission to its customers/users to use self made screenshots to make and use as Avatars, Memes or simply for posting them whereever just to show off?

Thank you.

Wow! That would be sad. Screenshots are a good way to promote the game. The ability to screenshot should be removed if so.

Do you mean that taking screenshots and posting on forum or using as avatars could be subject to charges for breaching copywright? Is someone thinking too deep about this?

I know lawyers enjoy making easy bucks out of ruining people. I don’t know for you, but I am not keen to gamble having a 20000€ lawsuit tied around my neck. Europe doesn’t have a fair to use policy. But from next year on they will have a hard crackdown law on copyright violations.