Make the new abuse/expolit rules part of a EULA

I appreciate the fact that Funcom has at least made an effort to address the abuses of players on Official Servers with the addition of rules and reporting procedures found here- [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

However, I believe that not everyone who plays Conan Exiles uses these Forums on a regular basis, if at all.
As these rules are not communicated in any way via the game client currently, I think that it would be good if there was a EULA, or something similar when players log in that:
A. makes them aware of these rules and reporting procedures.
B. gives them an option to accept or decline, which would make enforcement a less messy process.


Would that be something people are forced to read on loading screen at least once? Might have been nice if implemented back when the game came out. I doubt tweens and teens would volunteer to read the official rules.

yes, I envision it as something that would be seen upon initial launch of the program, or any time the policies are updated.
As these guidelines have only recently been implemented, there would not have been anything to read/acknowledge previously.

Clicking ‘accept’ would allow you to access the Offiical Servers.
Clicking ‘decline’ would prevent access to the Official Servers, but allow access to the others.


I don’t see it happening now so long after the game has come out. I play on my and others private servers so it doesn’t affect me. But I realize there’s plenty of people griefing.

Just like gun free zone signs do not stop criminals.
Few players ever read the thing. I have found ZERO players that have read any of it. They just click OK and go about their business.
My suggestion would be when you click on OK the rules pop up in your face, and does not go away until you slide to the bottom of the page.
Will not work for some, but will help others know the rules.


As envisioned, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re forced to scroll down. I can’t even tell you the number of EULA-type documents I’ve mindlessly scrolled through just to click “I Agree” at the bottom. Bottom line: you should be required to click “I Agree” to access the official servers; then if you’re found in violation, boot.

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it would save some issues with repeat offenders as i’m sure there are many. and i know there have been plenty of games that realized after a few years adding it to the opening screen would help there cause. i think even though like @TimeLord75 said i’ve many times just skipped reading all together i know… there’s probably things within that if i did wrong i’d be screwed because i didn’t read it to know it was wrong but that doesn;t change that i should have read it and still will be held accountable for it. i think and eula should be added.


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